21 ways to love yourself on this Valentine’s day.

The craziest festival of love is approaching. Are you stressing over to get love? Don’t fret, we got some best ways to love yourself.

This valentine’s day, the hurdles you face in ways to love yourself will be detached.

It is the day which demands a romantic date and obviously, a bucket full of love. But, who is your date and who’s gonna love you?

Well, that’s YOU. (Yes you, after all, you are the one who stands like a rock in your difficult times with yourself.)

So what if, you don’t have a Valentine, you are enough to show love to yourself. Ain’t you?

ways to love yourself on this  Valentine's day.

Crumblyy has discovered 21 ways to love yourself.

1.On this valentine’s day bring a new family member in your house! Adopt a baby plant and see it growing, blooming and rising.

Sometimes, the best ways to love yourself is to give love.

2. Arrange a house party for your vodka lover gang to bang on this

Valentine’s day.

3. Cover a mile with your dog and feel the uttermost happiness.

4. It’s okay to ditch a bowl of salad sometimes… by pleasing your taste buds with some chocolates.

5. Do colours fascinate you? If yes, then seize your paintbrush and turn that boring white canvas into a rainbow.

6. Break the ice and flirt with your crush through messages to romanticize your Valentine’s day.😉   

7. Did someone stop you to never color your hair? Chuck it! This Valentine’s day color your goddamn hair.


8. Haven’t dressed well and felt confident after your last break up? Then dress up and bring out the hidden confident personality.

9. Travel solo to an unexplored destination, get familiar with the place and welcome new experiences.

10. Book a spa session and go shopping to pamper yourself.

11. Write down 2-3 ways to love yourself and keep that into an empty jar. Read 1 way every day.

12. Go with your BFF and visit a restaurant you always wanted to but never did.

13. Netflix and chill alone, by sipping a glass of wine to embrace your singlehood.

14. Organise a dream date at your home with your BFF. (It would be so much fun😍)

15. Talk to a random stranger and glorify your Valentine’s day with healthy flirting.


16. Did your partner deny to attend your favorite concert? Chuck it and do it today, no matter far or near.

17. Flavour your Valentine’s day by gifting yourself a pair of shoes you always wanted to. (Run to your wishlist.)

18. One of the best ways to love yourself on this V-day is to have a delicious meal with your beloved family.

19. Look in the mirror and appreciate yourself for making yourself a priority.

20. Try your hands in new dishes and appreciate your cooking skills.

21. Reward yourself a handwritten love note for enjoying your singlehood. After all, you ain’t going nuts for getting a date.

ways to love yourself on this  Valentine's day.

Obviously, Valentine’s day isn’t the only day, to pamper yourself. But, it is a little reminder to pay attention to yourself.

Self-love should stand in the top of your priority list.

Reminder: You matter.After all, Valentine is a season of love and it comes for everyone.

Team Crumblyy wishes you A Happy Valentine’s Day!

What are your ways to love yourself? Write down to us in the comments section below.

What do you think?

Written by Crumblyy


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