How to Treat Bug Bites Naturally: Home Remedies You Need to Know

Bug bites are very common no matter what season it is. These creepy insects like, mosquitoes, wasps, bees, flea bites, spiders, etc. will not cause you any deadly diseases but could be very annoying and itchy.

We will talk about some of the approachable items at your home to reduce swelling and itchiness.


A deodorant will give you the same relief as an anti-itching cream. Remember, not to apply the deodorant stick on broken or irritated skin.

How?  Apply antiperspirant deodorant stick after you had the bug bite.


Tea tree oil is very well known to fight fungus and kill bacteria. Because of its properties, it is suitable to bring down the swelling after a bug bite.

How?  Dilute the oil with some other carrier oil like coconut, almond etc as it can cause irritation to your skin if applied directly.


Aspirins contain a salicylic ingredient which holds the inflammation and pain caused by the bugs.

How? Quickly grab a packet of aspirin from your first aid kit and take a tablet out of it. Now rub the crushed aspirin on the bug bite.


After having a rejuvenating sip of your green tea for the day, toss the tea bags in your fridge.

How? Take the bags out after an hour and rub the icy-cold bag on the bitten part, requiring attention.


bug bites


Papaya contains an enzyme called “papain”, which has protein- digestive properties helping to null the toxins produced by the insects.

How? Peel off the skin of papaya and rub the flesh on the area to relieve the itchiness.


Milk contains ample amount of proteins which are extremely suitable to fight the redness and inflammation caused by bugs.

How? Dip a cotton ball into a bowl of fresh milk and apply on the area bitten by a bug.


The cooling effect while rubbing vaporub to subdue congestion generates because of eucalyptus and menthol. These are furthermore effective to soothe your skin from a bug bite.

How? Dab some vaporub on the affected area and lay down. Rest is their job!

8. ICE

This will work best on any of the bites caused by mosquitoes, wasps, bees etc. Crushed ice has a property to reduce inflammation. It decreases the body’s natural histamine release.

How? Wrap some cubes in a cloth, before bringing in contact with the skin. Do not apply ice cubes/ crushed ice directly to the itchy area.



All these remedies according to us are accessible and effective to mitigate the pain and itchiness caused by bugs. The results may vary within a group of people and sometimes, depends on the usage. Let us know which worked the best for you!


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  • If any of these hacks don’t work, then visit a doctor.

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