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What is the best solution for wrinkles and fine lines?

The hacks to reduce aging.

Age is just a number. But when it comes to wrinkles or fine lines, we tend to keep our birthdays a mystery. In that situation, one should take care of the skin with some minimal changes in their lifestyle.

Wrinkles are the inevitable signs of aging and one thinks it can be only avoided by undergoing lasers, chemical peels, etc., but not everyone can afford these treatments as they are not cost-friendly.

So, Don’t worry about them anymore, as we are listing some of the hacks to reduce aging.

1. Shield your skin with the sun: Sun is the No. 1 cause of wrinkles, so if you go out to wear a sunscreen and always carry a pair of sunglasses, as it will protect the skin around the eyes from sun damage.

Always apply sunscreen 15-20 mins before leaving your house, as it will get absorbed in the skin and will protect it from harmful rays of the sun, causing pigmentation and tanning.

2. Peaceful sleep: One should have 7-8 hours sleep on a regular basis which helps skin remain thick, more firm and less likely to have wrinkles and fine lines.

Pillows made of satin or any light thread fabric is the best investment when it comes to wrinkle reduction, as having a soft place to rest our impressionable skin can change the way our skin resists or creates wrinkles. Every person should get the beauty sleep, as one crawl under the covers for the well- deserved rest.

3. Eat more omega-3 fatty acids: Include foods like fatty fish, walnuts, flax seeds, as they can help to make the skin smooth and wrinkle. The skin gets an extra natural glow and all thanks to the improved blood circulation in the body.

Omega-3 fatty foods boost the hydration, prevent acne and help in delaying the aging process.

4. Cut back on sugar: Sugar is the true enemy for our health. A diet high in sugar and refined carbs are more aging to the skin than spending a lifetime lounging in the sun. It not only damages the skin but also makes it dry and make one’s appearance dull. One should opt for the alternatives like- honey, date syrup, etc. Always opt for a healthy meal which should be composed of antioxidants, proteins, low carbs and healthy fats.

5. Get your Vitamin C: Eat fruits and vegetables that are enriched with vitamin C like – Strawberries, tomatoes, kiwi fruit, bell peppers, kale, broccoli, and, the most obvious, oranges. Vitamin C not only safeguards our health but also protects the skin from aging. One can have their own vitamin C serum by adding 1 vitamin E capsule, 1 vitamin C capsule, 1 tsp glycerin and some distilled water to make a paste.

6. Don’t scrub too hard: The environment is full of pollution and dust. One should scrub to make the skin better. The skin on one’s face is way too sensitive, so one should use gentle circular motions with a washcloth to clean the face, without stripping out all the essential natural oils.

Scrubbing should not be done more than thrice a week to protect the natural oils of the face. To make a scrub at home, mix 1 tsp coffee with 1 tsp of sugar and add 2-4 drops of rose water in it to make a paste.

7. Hydrate yourself: In relation to skin care, hydration means increasing the amount of water in your skin cells, which results in a healthy, smooth and stout complexion. Intake of 7-8 glasses of water will regain the skin cells.

One should drink water to avoid chronic dehydration and skin cells damage happened, over a period of time. Regular intake of sugar-loaded sodas, alcohol may also lead to wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

Pamper your skin with these simple anti-aging hacks that will help to remove and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

These are the few hacks that can make the skin free from wrinkles, fine lines and help to rejuvenate your skin. But do remember, you are not defined by your skin’s imperfections! So, just be happy and keep slaying!


  • These are some of the ways in which you can reduce the effects of wrinkles and fine lines
  • If none of the above-suggested remedies works for you, consult a dermatologist.

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