How to raise a bookworm and rock your parenthood in 2019?

Forming a reading habit at an early age will raise a bookworm and this is something you will be proud of later.

Childhood is the best time when you can add a slight value to their lives. But, you need to play smart when kids are around you, as a child acts what he/she perceives.

Your actions can be a blessing in their nurturing period. (At the end of the day, those little monsters parrot back your actions)

raise a bookworm

Why is it important to raise a bookworm?

Our kids have inclined towards technology this results into weakening their eye muscles. Hook your children with books to empower their minds.

Reading books extend the ability of thinking. Books help kids in concentration, enhance their knowledge, boost their memory and give them the ability to analyse situations differently.

Ways to raise a bookworm and rock your parenthood in 2019:

1. Plant a reading environment.

Light a scented candle in your reading area. Sit back with your kid. Play a piece of instrumental music in the background to add a pinch of the calm environment to raise a bookworm.

2. Reading rituals never go out of fashion.

Instead of making reading a hobby, make it a habit for your child. The last thing before sleeping, every parent should start a storytelling session. Maintain that curiosity for the kid by leaving the story in the middle.

3. Be a reading role model.

Show them what is important for knowledge by your actions. Read more books to convey the right message. Carry a book wherever you go.

raise a bookworm

4. Read aloud to children of all ages.

Reading aloud to children builds their listening power, kids enter in an imaginary world which broads the creativity.

5. Introduce the benefits of reading.

Take a dive in a sea of knowledge with your little munchkins. It will force your kids to think beyond vision and enrich their vocabulary.

6. Gift them books on special days.

Buying books every day can burn a hole in your pocket but on occasions, it is the best option you can choose for your kids.

Gift a book collection from their favorite genre, they talk about.

7. Organising a toy room is fine but what if, you build a home library for your toddler.

Building a home library will surround your kids in a positive environment. Add illustrated and comic books for them to raise a bookworm.

It is said that libraries and bookworms are incomplete without Harry Potter’s books.

8. Raise a bookworm and rock your parenthood in 2019 by encouraging them to read more.

Appreciate your kids for reading books, investing their time in exploring different genres, and developing new skills. Cheering up your kids will help you to raise a bookworm.

9. Try fun reading.

Reading stories in a serious tone make kids sleepy and they easily feel bored. Making interesting and silly voices will maintain fun and indulge your kids in stories.

10. Plan a visit to the bookstore every weekend to see their interests.

Try to visit bookstores/libraries every weekend with your kids. Pay attention which genre section they visit.

Remove the barriers from their way and let them discover the place on their own.

best books for children

11. Introduce a readathon day.

Set a day, when you and your kids will read all day together. Tell them they can read as many books as they want.

At the end of the readathon, count the no. of books/ pages you and your kids have read. This activity will excite your kids when they see their growth.

12. Track reading habit.

Tracking habits will drench kids with pride and positivity. It encourages kid to continue reading books without breaking a chain.

13. Discuss your recent reads.

Be a buddy. Book discussion about your recent reads and sharing your thoughts about the book/characters will raise a bookworm sooner or later.

14. Challenge them to read number of books in a month.  

Challenging kids will help them to achieve their goals and the mind will perform better in the task.

They will learn about different authors, genre, stories, and the eagerness will be maintained for the next read.

15. Establish a book club.

Making a book club will support your kids in constructing their personality. It will make them confident and encircle them by creative minds which will raise a bookworm.

16. Make reading nooks.

Create reading nooks everywhere around your home. It will attract your kids to pick at least one book to read.

With these exciting strategies introduce a new hobby to your child. Use the listed ideas to raise a bookworm and rock your parenthood.

You can also share this article with the ones who just entered in parenthood.

Write down your ideas and aspects to us in the comments section below.

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