Why do millennials want to stay single? (Every answer is here)

In real life; hanging out, chilling and exchanging digits are dank but we become a ghost when it comes to commitments.

The club of millennials is the true package of motivation, inspiration and we slay in that.

Doubtlessly, we are the aware generation.

millennials want to stay single
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Understand why millennials want to stay single by reading our stories, fears, and reasons.

1. Millennials want to stay single, as moving on without healing past wounds is tough.

Ouch! Inner wounds hurt 😩.

Getting into another relationship for the sake of moving on, isn’t our thing. But once the wound is healed, we come out more gracefully than before.

2. Fear of temporary relations has draped our mind.

Fear is an immense emotion which is capable of draining any human being. We millennials want to stay single as our last relationship left some prints of false promises in our hearts.

3. We millennials hold substantial love but the right person hasn’t taken the entry yet.

If, someone told you millennials want to stay single as we’re cold-hearted. Millennial’s love is exceptional, it’s just that we are waiting for our bae to come.

Occasionally, we try our hands on dating apps.


4. We dive in freshness everyday by experiencing and experimenting new areas of our life.

Experiences are what millennials seek in every step they take.

Millennials want to stay single as we live an unpredictable and unapologetically lifestyle. After all, life would be boring, if similar patterns happen each day.

5. No doubt, commitments come with a bundle of expectations.

We definitely fear commitments but it doesn’t mean we don’t wish for a relationship, we do. But, the tag of commitments gives us anxiety and makes us unsure about the other person.

There is no second thought, we are practical human beings.


6. Millennials want to stay single as we don’t settle for anyone.

Millennials don’t compromise!

Adjusting with the wrong person isn’t in our trait. (Hell yeah!) We believe in self-worth because we deserve better.

millennials want to stay single

7. Sorry, we don’t have the time for relationships.

Millennials want to stay single when it comes to building ourselves. When life gives us challenges and chances, we count our every minute, to make it remember.

Ultimately, one of our new year resolutions is working on ourselves.

8. Millennials are in a relationship with themselves and name it, self-love.

Millenials breathe self-love and exhale self-care. We explore things and then figure out what is more important to us. We achieve them by pushing and breaking the never-ending obstacles.

Millennials believe that giving love to an inappropriate person isn’t a right choice, so better love to own selves.


9. In singlehood, there is no distraction track for us.

In this modern world, Millennials want to stay single, as we want to live a distraction-free life.

We tackle every difficulty on our own. We don’t entertain dramatical people, we just remove them from our lives.

10. Freedom of singlehood feels so pleasing.

Millennials want to stay single as we want to live a carefree life.

By staying single for a longer period, we get responsible and use our freedom wisely. We manage our budgets, find sources to educate ourselves and transform our personality.


** Bonus point: We millennials want to stay single as we prioritize differently. 

Our life process is sorted, our targets are cleared and we are working for ourselves.

We stay focused and dedicated towards our time goals. It is perfectly okay to put ourselves first.

Ultimately, if we won’t make us our priority, who would? Millennials want to stay single! (there is no doubt in that)

After all, relationship stands at the end of our bucket list.

millennials want to stay single

We embrace our perfections and flaws.
We appreciate our existence, decisions, choices and we are proud of them.

What are your perspectives on singlehood? Write down to us in the comments section below.

What do you think?

Written by Crumblyy


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