Millennial Slang words and what they mean in 2019

When your millennial friend uses slang words, you must wonder what they really mean. Right? Okay! Don’t burst your mind in pressure.

Well, Slang words are the communication tool among millennial and now, these words have become a part of their language. After all, they ain’t only words, they are their emotions and you need to get familiar with them.

Crumblyy has listed 50+ slang words for you.

1. Such slang words similar to “SWERVE” can hit anyone really hard.

Meaning: Tell someone to leave or to abandon or say no 🙅 to a request.

For instance: We are working on a really important project, swerve!

2. Bougie

Meaning: Aspiring to be a higher class than one is.

For instance: Those males who taste whiskey samples at the airport but don’t buy them are bougie.

3. Bye, Felicia


Meaning: It’s an expression to abandon someone who doesn’t deserve your time.

For instance: My best friend’s ex asked me for a coffee ☕ and I was like Bye, Felicia.

4. Millennial speak through slang words, “PHUBBING” is there kind of language.

Meaning: It is an act of snubbing someone by using a cell phone.

For instance: I won’t be guilty for my phubbing because then, I have to be sorry for your existence too.

5. Go ghost 👻


Meaning: Disappear and do not answer to someone’s calls or messages or talking to someone on purpose.

For instance: John went ghost on me all of a sudden, I don’t even know what I did.

6. Sorry not sorry

Meaning: In a sarcastic manner to express that they are apologizing but ain’t really sorry for the action.

For instance: I broke his leg because of his rude behavior sorry not sorry!

7. Xennials


Meaning: If you were born between the late 1970s and early 1980s and don’t feel like you belong in neither Generation X nor millennial, you’re a xennial.

For instance: Guess what, I am from the generation xennial.

8. NETFLIX AND CHILL” 😉 is one of the internet slang words.

Meaning: Hooking up with someone and turning on any movie on Netflix without the plan of watching it.

For instance: Wanna come over for Netflix and chill?

9. Fire 🔥

Meaning: Such slang words are used to appreciate someone or something.

For instance: Messy listen to this soundtrack every time, he says it’s fire.

10. Salty


Meaning: The action of being upset/angry/bitter. It’s the result of being made fun of or embarrassed.

For instance: Michelle is salty as her parents took away her laptop.

11. Trash

Meaning: Someone who acts, looks or comes as unpolished and flavorless. These types of slang words are used to insult either a person or a place.

For instance: Jessica purchased her coffee mug and believe me, it was not less than trash.

12. Damn, Gina

Meaning: An expression of approval and praise.

For instance: Damn, Gina your outfit 👗 stunned me.

13. Glo up


Meaning: A transformed personality, someone who becomes more attractive and mature both physically and mentally than before.

For instance:Alex appearance glo’d up with time. Isn’t it?

14. Woke

Meaning: A person who is highly aware of social issues.

For instance: It’s the new trend, people use hashtag woke on social media whenever they post about political issues.

15. Lowkey


Meaning: Someone or something with low passion and excitement.

For instance: A lowkey 🔑 party isn’t my thing ,where people sit around and quietly talk.

16. Smash

Meaning: To have sex with someone.

For instance: The guy over their found Alina so sexy that he smashed her last night.

17. Side hustle


Meaning: A work you do in your spare time to make money💰 outside of your usual full-time job.

For instance: Side hustle is important to live a good life.

18. Goals

Meaning: The kind of life you aspire to live.

For instance: Damn that couple 👫 out there gives me goals.

19. Gassed


Meaning: When you feel overwhelmed and can’t handle the excitement anymore.

For instance: Shein is gassed that she got her first car on her own.

20. Thirsty 🤤

Meaning: When someone is horny for someone’s ass.

For instance: He gets thirsty whenever any hot chick posts a sexy picture.

21. Keep It 100


Meaning: Be honest with someone or just keep it real.

For instance: A woman gets more attracted towards you when you keep it 100.  


Meaning: It simply means Naked In Front Of their Computer. 💻

For instance: Teenagers get NIFOC without any hesitation in this digital world.

23. Bibs

Meaning: A noun to replace offending words.

For instance: What the bibs you have down to your hair?

24. Thicc


Meaning: To put on some weight which creates sexy curves.

For instance: I love being thicc, we should celebrate.  

25. Basic

Meaning: Someone who is only interested in popular things which are trending.

For instance: Oh gosh! My BFF is going basic, she’s testing those dating apps.

26. DONE

Meaning: When you’re completely over something or someone.

For instance: I’m so done with the relationship thing.

27. SUH


Meaning: It’s a short form of What’s up.

For instance: Hey dude, Suh? Well, I have organised a book 📚 club at my place. Wanna come over?

28. FB/LB 👍

Meaning: People use these follow back/like back slang words to get more likes and followers on the Instagram page.

For instance: Hey! I loved what you posted. Check out my profile and FB/LB if you love my page.  

29. 9


Meaning: When you tell someone that your parents are watching your text.

For instance: I can’t attend lectures anymore wanna bunk… “9 TTYL.”

30. GNOC

Meaning: To Get naked on camera. 📷

For instance: I can’t believe this young fellow literally, GNOC.

31. Gag


Meaning: This term is used for pranks or jokes.

For instance: We couldn’t believe that he would gag us this way, we should complain to the authorities.

32. Firing Shots

Meaning: Intentionally insulting someone.

For instance: I can’t believe he was firing shots. Why didn’t you call the cops?

33. Finsta

Meaning: It basically means fake insta which is an alternative account on Instagram. These accounts are used for the closed group which ain’t organized.

For instance: Diana stalked his finsta the whole night and DMed him “Hi” the next morning.

34. Stan


Meaning: Someone who is crazy and obsessed fan of a particular celebrity.

For instance: This is insane, I have never seen such stans in my whole lif. They are standing since morning.

35. Slay

Meaning: Killed it or to do something exceptionally amazing.

For instance: You slayed on the dance floor babe.

36. Bounce


Meaning: The act of leaving and going somewhere better.

For instance: Lets bounce, I can’t take this carnival anymore.

37. Trill

Meaning: It’s a combination of True + real.

For instance: Keep the conversation trill when you text her.  

38. Draking

Meaning: This term is derived from the rapper/singer Drake. It describes the experience of your sadness and when you miss someone badly.

For instance: Whenever you miss your ex start draking man.

39. P


Meaning: Whenever someone text you “P,” they mean “pretty.”

For instance: Hey! I saw you on our farewell you were really looking P.

40. Hundo p

Meaning: When someone is hundred 💯 percent sure about something.

For instance: Hundo p Lisa is cheating over him I saw him kissing that creepy guy of my class.

41. Finesse


Meaning: When you convince someone to do something that you like but, in a smooth manner.

For instance: Damn! Your girlfriend finessed you to follow the diet routine.

42. Shook

Meaning:  The term is used when you can’t believe what you are looking at.

For instance: Am I dreaming or did our boss offered us flexible working hours in real? I am shooked.  

43. OTP


Meaning: One true pairing is used in fandoms to describe a person’s favorite fictional couple.

For instance: Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki are -so OTP.

44. Clock

Meaning: To hit someone hard with a closed fist.

For instance: I can clock that jerk for that action.

45. Snap 🤳 Trap


Meaning: When they open a snap you sent but, don’t reply back.

For instance: Who knew I would get into the snap trap.

46. Triggered 😡

Meaning: Getting filled with anger when you experience something bad.

For instance: Rihanna’s action triggered me and I ruined my presentation.

47. Thank you next


Meaning: Showing no guilt to the old you or your ex and moving forward.

For instance: You were fun to be around but thank you next, please.

48. TFW

Meaning: You use “that feel when” to describe your emotion.

For instance: TFW you learn something on your own and earn money from home.

49. Turnt


Meaning: This term is used when you are excited about some upcoming events.

For instance: Music concerts turnt me up and beat my depression.

50. No new friends

Meaning: This slang is used when you want to stick with the friends you already have.

For instance: Well, No new friends that’s my resolution for this year.

51. Go off


Meaning: Complaining angrily about something or to tell someone to leave.

For instance: I can’t stop going off about how prices are raising.

52. Throw shade

Meaning: To say something unpleasant to the person directly.

For instance: René why do you always throw shade? Spare me, bitch.

53. Snatched

Meaning: It is similar with the terms on point, on fleek and perfect.

For instance: Damn girl your makeup is snatched.

54. Kiki


Meaning: A party with good music 🎶 and good friends; the other meaning is salacious gossip.

For instance: I wish I could organize a kiki in my house.

55. Read

Meaning: Insult someone in a humorous way.

For instance: It was a read when she said I can take my leftovers in front of her boyfriend.  

Woah! Wasn’t that fun to know so many slang words? For us, it was an adventurous ride. After all, going with the trend is a smart move. Isn’t it?

Hundo p you are going to nail in your chat box with these wonderful slangs. Now, you ain’t left behind. Right?

How many slang words you were familiar with before?

Let your fingers dance on your keyboard and type your answers in the comments section.

What do you think?

Written by Crumblyy

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