Why can’t I lose weight, even after trying so much?

I always thought exercising and eating less would help me shed those extra kilos which embarrass me every day. If you too think the same, that’s mostly not true.

Can you imagine not eating for too long might increase your weight? Shocked? Even I was.
After carefully observing my diet and exercise patterns, I came up with an extensive list of small things I carelessly avoided, which silently worsened my cause.

1. Not eating enough proteins

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Proteins are a great source of calories. If not taken in adequate amount, you will have to rely on carbohydrates and fats for energy. Ultimately you will end up building fats instead of muscles, in your body.

2. Still drinking sugar

After exercise, it’s customary to drink glucose to maintain energy levels in the body. However, if you take in glucose regularly, your weight is bound to increase.

3. Not sleeping well


Less sleep affects hormones regulating hunger — ghrelin, and leptin, as a result of which you tend to eat a lot. Also, sleeping less would eventually lead to you feeling lethargic and unwilling to do physical work.

4. Drinking less water


Water not only helps you stabilize your body metabolism but also helps eliminate the risks of excess water retention in the body. Kidneys and liver would work at their best and metabolize fats effectively.

5. Starving for too long

Starving for want of dieting has been a customary practice for all so-called fitness freaks. However, when you starve, the body slows down its metabolism rate as a protection measure. As a result, body fat burn rate decreases.

6. You are stressed

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Stress has been found to create havoc on body metabolism. When you are stressed, the body produces high levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Cortisol is known to increase appetite and you would ultimately end up eating anything and everything, thus accumulating belly fat.

7. Not moving enough


Being a business leader, it is almost mandatory for me to sit on my desk for continued long hours. Lack of physical work eventually leads to belly fat which has, by-far, proved impossible for me to get rid of.

8. Too monotonous diet


Monotonous eating mostly leads to overeating or poor eating. I too was misguided by the repetitive diet regime set by my gym trainer, and have been suffering since then.

9. Eating too fast.


When you eat too fast, you tend to consume a large quantity of food in one meal. That’s certainly not going to help if you are trying to get slim.

10. Doing a lot of cardio


You did a lot of cardio in the morning, so maybe you decide to grab some extra delicacy or an ice-cream because you feel you could get away with it. This compensatory behavior causes you to “slow down” after a workout. Since you feed in extra, your woes continue.

11. Avoiding the NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

Feeling a superman after work out is pretty natural. You end up missing on the daily chores [ also referred as NEAT ] such as walking your dog, cleaning your house, folding your clothes, etc. which though seem insignificant but are hugely effective measures in shedding those extra calories.

There you see, how, even the smallest and apparently unimportant things could hamper your efforts of losing weight. So, next time when you decide to lose, tick all the first-things-first. In that way, you will not end up wasting your efforts and time.

After all, losing weight ain’t an easy affair.

What do you think?

Written by Crumblyy


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