Learning from podcasts? Find out why people are addicted?

We all have daily chores that prevent us from leaving everything and watching a screen: driving, washing, cooking, walking dog, etc. Learning is always a clear loser, as you can’t skip important chores. However, hustlers like us innovatively devised a newer method of learning that could brilliantly solve the problem, learning from podcasts.

Audio podcasts allow you to focus your mind on learning while using your hands and eyes for customary chores.

learning from podcasts

Following are some reasons why learning from podcasts is making a great debut in mainstream and has become a popular learning life hack:

1. They are free

learning from podcasts

Most podcasts are either free or charge minimally. You no longer will have to spend on online lectures, which you don’t even know the worth of.

2. You can choose the speed of delivery 

learning from podcasts

Not everybody has the same speed of grasping new information. Also, if you are tired, you will tend to understand things a little slow. The problem with e-learning videos is that their speed cannot be controlled. With podcasts coming in, you may easily change the speed of run without changing the pitch or any other undesirable disturbances.
Gone are the days when you had to keep replaying same part of videos to grasp the difficult concepts.

Learning from podcasts makes it all so convenient. Just sit back and take in, with ease.

3. You don’t have to take time out for podcasts 

learning from podcasts

If you are a homemaker, working professional or a student, you will always short of time for informative videos that demand attention. The problem with these knowledge pieces is that you will have to dedicate separate time for them. You, effectively, can’t do anything along with them.

However, with podcast audios coming in, most people listen to them while driving, cooking or other chores.

4. After day’s work, you would want to rest your eyes. 

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Since Podcasts deliver audio, learning from podcasts is more conducive to users. You may lie down and listen to them, without having to strain your eyes. Learning from podcasts is being considered one of the best studies hacks today.

5. Podcasts have fewer advertisements 

Learning from podcasts

Phew…the intrusive ads! Sure and certain mood spoilers when you are deeply into learning. They won’t allow you to concentrate, with frequent intrusions. Learning from podcasts would not only maintain your attention level but also give you the best of experience.

6. Great for mobile devices

learning from podcasts

Since podcasts deliver only audios, not much of your phone’s battery is consumed. They also do not come down hard on your phone’s processes. Even if you are a podcast addict, you can enjoy them for hours without letting your phone get heated.

7. Regular people connecting with regular…it is amazing

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Podcasts are delivered mostly by ordinary people or one of your favourite superstars. Learning from podcasts takes you to a different level of comfort and connect.

Learning from podcasts is always a win-win scenario. Podcasts make daily chores less boring, while chores make learning feel like a great use of time.

So what are you waiting for?

What do you think?

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