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Improve your posture at your workspace by using these 11 hacks

Does your back or neck ache like hell?
Yes! 😭 Then, blame your posture for the unbearable pain. It’s not the default of your workstation. But, it’s YOU who didn’t adjust your posture from time to time.

We know work is important but so does your posture.

We understand that you can’t hang up your work and do the exercises. Instead,  improve your posture and organize your office gadgets.

No more backaches would be appreciated. Now, it’s the right time to remove those pain-causing reasons from your life.

11 beneficial Life hacks to improve your posture.

1. Does your neck hurt? Use this trick to improve your posture.

Sitting still with the same posture without any movement hurts. Neck problems are generally caused due to leaning in too far forward or backward.

You can reduce your neck ache by keeping your ears in line with your shoulders.

Improve your posture at your workspace

2. Time to adjust the position of your monitor.

Even the position of your monitor spoils your posture. (Yes that’s true!)

Try to maintain the minimum 20″ distance from your monitor to face. The ideal viewing angle to the center of a monitor should be 15 degrees to 20 degrees.

3. Support your spine to improve your posture.

It’s true that your chair decides your posture. 135 degree is the perfect position which puts less strain on your spine.

If you are the employer make sure your workers get the most comfortable chair which would support their spine.

4. Ditch your lift and count the no. of stairs you climb.

You must be struggling to lose weight and to improve your posture but deadly fails every time you try. (We feel you!)

Fine, do it even if you are running late for work climb the stairs. It would surely save the electricity and you would definitely lose some inches.

Improve your posture at your workspace

5. Improve your posture by stretching your arms.

Sitting for hours damages your organs and your blood vessels.

When you don’t stretch your arms you block your muscles movements.
Stretch frequently to keep your body active and to improve your posture.

6. Take your eyeballs off from the screen.

Switching your eyes off from the screen is mandatory. Your eyes muscles get weak when you stare at your screen for endless hours.

Make 20-20-20 rule a habit. Look at something for 20 seconds, after every 20 minutes and it should be at 20 feet away.

7. Walk during your breaks.

Never ever sit on your workspace in your lunch or tea breaks, your muscles would end up hurting for hours.

If you sit without moving for hours don’t expect to improve your posture because it can’t be improved without staying alert. Walks are the must and when you get breaks make them for good use and learn from podcasts.

After all, it’s your me time, do the moving and learning part during your breaks.

8. Every 20-30 minutes movements can improve your posture.

Move your ass, walk around and interact with your office mates. Moving will not only maintain the right posture but also keep you social and interactive with others.

When you do this 20-30 minutes movements, you send signals to your mind to improve your posture and it gets activated automatically when you make moving the habit.

9. Put down that hand from your forehead.

Work exhausts everyone but it doesn’t mean that you would hurt your forearm. We know those deadlines stress you more when they hang over your head.

But, hurting your forearm isn’t the right way to get your work done. Right? Yeah!

This posture not only causes pain to your forearm and neck but also block your blood circulation.

Improve your posture at your workspace

10. Don’t slouch.

If you feel fatigue while working then don’t complain because it’s not the workload it’s your slouching habit. The more you slouch over your monitor the closer you get with the pain.

Detach your neck, shoulders and back from the pain by quitting your slouching habit.

11. Stand more.

Standing workspace is beneficial for the employee as well as for the organization. The more you stand the more productive you get.

Standing posture increases your blood circulation, boosts your fat burning metabolism and decreases fatigue.

Improve your posture at your workspace

Now, you must be alert of your posture.

Get aware of another fact that your posture plays an important role in your life not only on your work desk but also in your presentation room.

So, what’s more beneficial standing workspace where you improve your posture or sitting workspace where you sit for 6-8 hours every day and stiff your body?

What do you think?

Written by Crumblyy


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