10 Best ways to instantly improve your Presentation

If you are a student or a working professional, you would know the importance of a good presentation.

After all, marks in exams and promotions in the workplace depend a lot on the few slides which you use to explain your worth. Not many people are able to impress, as they miss out on some really simple but important tricks to enhance their presentations.

Check out the following tips that could act as game changers for you.

1. Create a story around your presentation

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Humans are naturally fond of stories and examples. Try creating a storyline with live example around the idea that you are going to present. Start with a question to excite your audience.

2. Use your hand gestures as much as possible, while presenting

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When you use gestures to explain your idea, you look confident. The audience would believe you only if you believe in yourself.

3. Follow the 10/20/30 rule

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Limit your presentation to 10 slides with a duration of 20 minutes and a font size of 30. This will not only help keep it crisp but also eliminate boredom.

4. Prefer visual over text

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Let great quality images speak for your idea, rather than boring bulleted texts. Visuals tend to have a lasting impact on memory.

5. DO NOT use flashy animations and transitions

Keep it simple and try to emphasize the idea, rather than trapping the audience in unapt distractions.

6. Keep repeating the main ideas, throughout your presentation


Reminding the audience of your idea constantly may, to a great extent, leave a lasting impression on their memory. But, remember to not irritate them, by bombarding them with the same sentences.

7. DO NOT read through your presentation


When you start reading through the presentation, the audience shifts its focus from you to the presentation. You must never let that happen. After all, you are the master of your idea and what matters is the connect.

8. Change your pitch

Modulating your pitch could keep the audience’s attention intact. You could easily play around with their focus – increase your pitch if you want to emphasize and keep it low for fillers.

9. Make the audience laugh

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We all know humor could make everything lighter and better. Being professional and informative doesn’t mean you can’t be funny. There is almost always a possibility to incorporate your sense of humor in the presentation. You will become a hero among the audience.

10. Take ownership, pride, and apologies

Many times, you will not know answers to the audience’s questions. Then, instead of trying to cover up, be polite enough to accept it. Do not forget to praise the questioner. You may say – “that’s a great question. I do not know the answer right now but I’ll get back to you on this” or even – “wow, that’s a valid point. Thanks a lot. You made me learn something new”.

ppt presentation


  • confidence and humility are the key factors that would always stand out.
  • Remain confident on what you speak and back your claims with valid sources.
  • While answering, remain humble and carefully listen to the audience’ questions. They would feel respected, and in return, would show you respect.

What do you think?

Written by Crumblyy


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