10 Healthy Bedtime Snacks: To Control Your Late-Night Cravings

Since our childhood, we are directed not to munch in the midnight. Midnight cravings are never welcomed by our parents or even the nutritionists. But, how about if we give you some healthy bedtime snacks?

As we all know, midnight cravings become extremely unbearable while binge-watching our favourite show or even while pulling out a night to score good grades in the upcoming test


There are certain speculations about how bedtime snacks can make you fat and even cause insomnia. Today, we are going to shatter this myth, and share all the tested and easy-to-make bedtime snacks with you. So, hold up and get ready to slide down to the world of healthy snacking!

1. Few chunks of Almonds

Above all, dry fruits are way easier to fill up your stomach than the actual time required to peel off fresh fruits. You are required to open up a can and toss a few almonds into your mouth. Almonds contain various minerals such as, tryptophan and magnesium, which are responsible to relax your nerves and put you to a nice sleep.healthy snacks

2. Some cubes of chocolate

Thinking of a regular milk chocolate? A little adjustment would serve the purpose. Opt for a dark chocolate constituted of more than 70% cocoa and see it doing wonders to your body!

It happens because dark chocolate is composed of less sugary substances and could be one of the yummiest bedtime snacks available for you.healthy snacks

3. A bowl of cereal

No matter what season you are stuck in, cereals come up first to rescue you from late night hunger pangs. A cereal bowl can grant all the necessary carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamins required at night. It will give you a fresh treat if blended with hot/cold milk with a topping of some freshly sliced mangoes.healthy snacks

4. Which one tops the list of healthiest bedtime snacks? Popcorn

A lot of us hear about the pros and cons of treating popcorn as one of the healthiest snacks. It might make you a little upset, to not drench them in butter. But, it only remains healthy if the counted fiber in this whole grain remains intact.

Take notes of super easy recipe: 

Pop some popcorns (quantity decided by you) and allow them to cool down. Melt some dark chocolate and spread it over the popcorn. Sprinkle some sea salt and unsweetened coconut powder after the chocolate gets hard.

Thus, popcorn holds the ability to satisfy your hunger, and give you a noticeable waistline.healthy snacks

5. Cheese and crackers

Combine thin slices of aged cheddar, gouda, or provolone cheese and layer it up on whole-grain crackers. It is one of the scrumptious bedtime snacking option available to you.

To make it wholesome and satisfying for your starving tummy, you can also add some grapes, apple slices, and some veggies.healthy snacks

6. A jar of unsweetened peanut butter

There is a  plenty of variety in terms of peanut butter jars available in the market. But, due to the presence of sugar and processed oils in it, we suggest you grab an unsweetened one.

With a spoon full of peanut butter and a few apple slices, you can even smackdown your midnight sugar cravings in a healthy way.healthy snacks

7. Ditch your regular potato fries

Who does not enjoy late night dates with a large meal of fries and coke? Probably, none of us actually wonders how unhealthy these fried fries are and how significantly it affects your health.

Here’s a replacement to the most loved snack: Replace your usual potato fries with some baked sweet potato fries!bedtime snacks

8. Grab some Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt has twice the bone-strengthening calcium properties than the regular yogurt and less sugar, making it one of the most reliable bedtime snacks of all time!

Prepare a midnight meal with 1 cup of Greek yogurt, 2 tablespoons of granola or nuts, ½ cup of fruits (of your own choice) and devour into it.bedtime snacks

9. Dried literal fruits?  

That’s right! Another version to cut down the void in your stomach is by drying strawberries in the microwave at 210 degrees for 3 hours and enjoying its natural flavor.healthy snacks

10. Serve yourself a bowl of oatmeal

Last but not least, it is advised to consume a bowl of oatmeal in the morning. In contrast to this belief, oats can be intensely effective for eating at night. A bowl of oats contains a mixture of various vitamins and minerals such as amino acids, potassium, vitamin B, and magnesium. Therefore, working as a natural sleep aid.bedtime snacks

As it is said, “Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel”Kevin Mark Trudeau

All of us choose what we are, and choose what they eat! We don’t ask you to cut short on your favourite food items instead, to maintain a balanced diet. Your body is your treasure, keep it secured from this sinful world of cheese, gelatos, and chocolates!


  • Always go for healthy snacks when going grocery shopping.
  • Visit for more ideas to control late night cravings.

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