12 Steps to getting over your crush. (It’s high time.)

Understand that having a crush on anyone is normal. But, when it arrests your mind for days or months and you see no escape then, getting over your crush becomes important. Especially, when you get on and off feelings for that goddamn person.


Time to take the charge of your life in your hands and rock your life forever. Deal? Lock the deal!

If unknowingly, your heart got crushed! Then darling these lyrics will fit you better.

I put you high up in the sky
And now, you’re not coming down- Miley Cyrus

Getting over your crush now becomes foolproof with Team Crumblyy.

1. Getting over your crush becomes easy when you love yourself.

Indulging into your crush makes you forget yourself and that’s where you go wrong. Don’t forget that you enjoy and feel more energetic in your life when you surround yourself with your family and friends.
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getting over your crush

2. Invite distance in between you and your crush.

If your crush and you are in the same class or office then, you need to reduce the number of interactions you make with him/her.

When you get attracted towards someone, you try your hard to help them at every possible hour. Helping someone isn’t bad. But, losing yourself in that period is the worst thing you can do to yourself.   

3. Movies that turn your crush into ghost.

Whichever horror movie you watch just relate your crush with the ghost.

We know, no one does that and romanticising about your attraction is pleasing. But, who said your crush can’t horrify you? 😂 Never doubt that human ever. (WE REPEAT NEVERRR…)

getting over your crush

4. Make good use of the unfollow button.

We understand unfollowing your crush is like breaking your own heart and it seems next to impossible. But, now that you can’t help yourself from falling for your crush, you need to click that unfollow button, right now.

It’s perfectly fine to choose your permanent happiness over your temporary feelings.


5. Life gets a meaning when you mute your crush’s stories.

Every time you open any social media account you see your attraction on the top of the newsfeed. Most of the times, their stories pop up and you can’t resist yourself from opening them.

Now, I hope you get your answer that why ain’t you getting over your crazy attraction? Right? Okay!
😒 Go and mute his/her stories to live a stress-free life.

6. Reduce the number of text messages you send.

You have sent enough text messages to your crush and haven’t got a reply back till date. We know, you insanely wait for the reply day and night. (Slow claps for you, you deserve an award.😆)

See your worth and for god sake stop texting “Hi! Nice Dp/Looking beautiful.”

getting over your crush

7. To getting over your crush you need to focus on the worst qualities.

Okay! No one’s attraction is perfect neither yours nor ours. After all, every coin has two sides, so does that person. You have seen one side and it isn’t enough to get over your crush. Now, you need to look deep for the bad sides so that flushing him/her off becomes more simpler.  

8. Convince yourself you don’t like your crush.

When you convince yourself you believe your words and that’s what makes easy to get over your crush. See that person as a normal human being. Tell yourself that you don’t carry any emotion for him/her.

Just show different way to your thoughts and win yourself.

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9. Replace your crush with your passion.

Rather than spending every single second of your life on that individual and forgetting yourself. Get up, move your ass and do something worth remembering with your life.

At the end of the day, no one will praise you for thinking about your ex and degrade you for working on your passion.

Isn’t it ironic that your passion calls you but not your crush? 😂


10. Push your crush’s thoughts out of your mind.

A lot of time, it happens when you get attracted towards someone you instantly tell your friends. Literally, they can’t stop themselves from teasing you by your crush’s name. But this time it won’t happen, tell them not to bring your him/her in between the conversation.

It will definitely remove that person from your mind.

11. Don’t be around your crush.

That human doesn’t give butterflies in your stomach and seeing him/her ain’t that felicitous anymore. Acknowledge your feelings and you are ready to fly in the fresh air. Admit that liking them ain’t fun anymore.

Enjoy while singing this with your BFF to getting over your crush.

“Now you’re just somebody that I used to know- Gotye


12. Get another person to get mingle.

You know that finding a new crush isn’t hard for you, specially in the era of dating apps. After all, life is short don’t stick over one person, move on and find new attractions. 😉 I know you can do that.

Nothing is more hilarious than your life, you are struggling to getting over your crush and that doesn’t know about that. 😂


So now, you have reached to the end of this article and you are finally familiar with the steps to getting over your crush. There won’t be any hardship in these steps. (Trust us!)

Ultimately, your mind is your muscle and all you need is to train it

Just to remind you that wherever you go in life and whatever solution you seek, team Crumblyy will never fail to help you.

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