20 challenging Gender Stereotypes that still exist on this Women’s Day!

Stereotyping isn’t rooted overnight. It has been a part of our life since ages.

No doubt, women are reaching heights in every possible field by bashing all those obstacles. But, are they growing mentally strong? The answers are absolutely not. But, it feels like an everyday war, even today!

There is an extremely thin line between accepting a woman’s way of living and questioning her lifestyle.

Society’s full-time job is judging women.

This women’s day, let’s know the bitter and hidden gender stereotypes women face in modern times.

Before wishing Happy Women’s Day to any female, make sure you don’t belong in these stereotypes categories.

Know some of the familiar gender stereotypes women go through.

1. Sit cross-legged you are a woman.

 gender stereotypes

No matter how open-minded a family is, this one protocol holds true, always.

“Good” girls should sit in a way that is gracious and not revealing. The pathetic thought exempts boys easily, not considering the fact that their posture might create discomfort to others.

2. Don’t cry like a woman.


The ultimate fact, emotions know “NO GENDER.”

Whenever a man cries people usually say “Don’t cry like a woman. You are a man.” Dude! He knows that. Why can’t you let someone cry without involving another gender? After all, it’s not that hard to follow the rule “Live and let other live.”

3. It’s not expected for females to abuse.

 gender stereotypes

Remember Evelyn Salt from the blockbuster movie “Salt”? Many would consider her too hostile and insane to hurl abuses on the wrongdoers.

However, the emotion to abuse is pretty normal and natural, as anger levels for females and males are not algorithmically defined based on their gender.

4. We can’t control men but, we can keep women behind bars.

Such gender stereotypes get on our nerves. Why do even these thoughts exist? Most of the time, it comes from women themselves.

Considering women weak is like an old ritual which everyone follows without a fail.

5. Don’t laugh that loud, what will people say?


Pointing out someone’s activity has nothing to do it with the gender. Smile like a girl, walk like a lady and you are a woman – laugh in a sensible manner. (Whattt have you lost your mind???)

Why do all these gender stereotypes mandatory?

6. When a woman stands vigorous for her choices, she is a feminist.

 gender stereotypes

This kind of gender stereotyping negatively affects the lives of those independent women who’ve moved beyond the old saying that women are born to follow.

Providing equal rights to both gender is what a woman seeks. If calling a woman feminist satisfies your soul then, call her that.

7. You are a woman, you can’t propose a guy.


Love doesn’t differentiate.

From paying the bills to proposing a woman, it’s only men’s job to take the first step.

But, when a woman initiates, society considers her a desperate.

Why does it concern people who took the first step? In the end, it’s just LOVE.

8. You look more like a man with short hair. 😂


How can a length of someone’s hair define one’s gender? Well, we guess our society doesn’t look for logic.
Not all women love long hair.
This women’s day chop your hair the way you want and don’t let gender stereotypes define who you are.

9. Women who smoke is a bitch.

When a woman smokes or wears a backless dress or party late at night, it is said that it reveals her character.

She is labeled with hundreds of tags. We know, smoking is injurious to health but we didn’t know that it would be dangerous to our character too.

A woman can smoke or wear what she wants. But, it doesn’t mean she has low standards or she is easily available for you.

10. Tie the knot before the age of 25.


Oh, how we can even forget the old cliché, marry someone before 25 otherwise, you won’t get a handsome husband. Like what, are you serious?

Yes, it does exist even now. Such gender stereotypes don’t let a woman breath. Even women get scared sometimes that at the age of 25, society would go nuts and raise stupid questions.

**Approximately, 15 million girls under 18 are married worldwide every year.

11. Her behavior says she must be PMSing.

Not all days are cakes and cupcakes in our life. In every 28-30 days, short time-span comes with extreme mood swings.

Society pisses us with insanely annoying statements rather than understanding and treating us good.

For instance, don’t overreact it just a normal day.

12. Women look more graceful in a slim body.

gender stereotyping

Many possess the hobby of body shaming. In our society, a woman’s beauty is generally associated with her weight and sometimes, by the color of her skin too. People run for fair skin like nuts.

This kind of gender stereotyping doesn’t accept individuals the way they are.

Screw you society.

13. A bold woman is someone who is available.

Primarily thinking of our society is that a bold woman is someone who is easily approachable. Talking about sex or touching her without consent is perfectly fine.

For most of the people, boldness is reviewed as she is asking for attention or she’s interested in you.

14. I trust you. But, is John just your friend?

How many times your parents mention that they trust you? But, when it comes to you their trust vanishes away. In some cases, it comes with a question mark.

You must have experienced it. Haven’t you?

15. Is your hard work giving you promotions or something else?


No wonder, society doubts women’s capability on every step. From promotions to solo trips and what not.

Whenever a woman achieves something whether in her personal life or professional life society raises a question mark on her achievements.

16. Do what you want but follow our principles.

Society plays riddles with women. For instance, you can have fun but only with us.

According to our society, women can do anything and everything but they should be in their limit. But, we don’t understand what limits they talk about and why we have to follow them.

17. Women who go for casual sex are wh**es.

Society says go with the trend, do what people do. But, when women take part and explore new hookup culture then they call them cults.

It feels like women are the puppets in the hands of this society.

18. Makeup looks good on other women but, not on you.


Natural beauty is what defines a beautiful woman. But, when she doesn’t apply anything she is ugly, her pimples, acne scars, horrify the hell out of you.

Ultimately, makeup is a right for every woman.

Flaunt your features and glow your skin up!


19. Women can’t beat the capacity of men in alcohol.

We don’t understand why there is an unlimited comparison between different genders in pointless activities.

From workspace to club life people knock down women with different and ridiculous stereotyping.

20. Women can’t lift heavy things.


Society says, men are strong and women are weak.
How someone’s strength can be defined by their gender. (Slow claps)
A woman can lift anything. She can even lift you up and throw you somewhere near Mars.

Gender stereotypes don’t have an on and off button.

But, it’s Women’s Day and we are here to remind you, women have equal rights just like you. Live and let women live.

Accept the fact, women are unstoppable. Your gender stereotypes statements look a tiny little paper-plain, on which a woman can fly with her dreams.

Your typical stereotypes shit won’t stop her achievement stories.

This women’s day, we would be more than happy if you stop differentiating us.

 Watch this short film Vodafone created last year Raising Voices.

 Team Crumblyy signs off for now.

Happy Women’s Day!


What do you think?

Written by Crumblyy

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