Fun Drinking Games You Can Play At Your Next House Party

A perfect summer party is never complete without a group of friends gulping some shots or a bottle of beer. But having people over, a couple of drinks and just sitting around is pretty boring isn’t it?

So, get groovin’ and movin’ with some music, lights and of course a good place to make it all happen. How to make a party fun?

*tadaaaa* A Drinking Game and give your party a new turn.

We present to you a list of games that can make your party the best party ever!!

1. Tossing the coin

This one is pretty easy. All you need to do is get a couple of small glasses and some coins.

The size of the glass can be used to enable the change in a level of difficulty and as per the skill of each player. Just place the glass upside down on end of the table and put a coin on the glass and fill the glasses with vodka, tequila or any liquor actually and place them on the other end of the table.

Now each player tosses the coins and tries to aim it for any glass filled with liquor. If you get the coin in one of the glasses, you are to choose who drinks that shot.

So, have fun planning and plotting against one friend or just get the whole bunch drunk by the end of the night.


2. Most likely

This game is a great way to break the ice and get to know everyone actually.

The best way to do that is just sit in a circle and one by one you can ask a question from the person on your right.

The list of question can be like:

Who is ‘Most likely’ to pass out first?

Who is ‘Most likely’ to get married last?

Who is ‘Most likely’ to go home alone?

These are just some questions just to help you get started with making some really crazy questions for this drinking game. If you know what I mean *wink**wink*.


3. Matched

This game starts with dealing the cards to each player with one card facing down.

On the count of three flips, the cards over and whoever gets the same cards have to yell the word “Matched” and the person who is last to say the word has to take a shot.

4. High or Low

This game is when people are a couple of drinks down. So, all you need to do in this drinking game is just sit in a circle with a bottle of beer each.

Place one card in the center and now start dealing the cards one by one. The person getting the card has to guess whether the card they are about to get is higher than or lower than the card that is placed in the middle.

Whoever guesses it wrong has to gulp the whole bottle of beer.

5. Flip it fast

This game needs a long table and plastic cups. The cups filled with beer will be set in a row on either side of the table (lengthwise).

Two people will compete against each other and has to gulp then flip the entire row of glasses. Whoever does it first will choose the next two players. This drinking game will lead to the entire group absolutely tipsy.


It is rightly said, “A good friend will not let you do stupid things alone”.

So have a great time, and get some relief from this hot, itchy weather and boost your friends with more energy.

This will not just be a fun party but an escape to the hectic schedule we are trying to run from every day.

So, have fun and be the best host ever.

Tips –

  • For more drinking games visit-
  • The host shouldn’t get too drunk because it is your party.
  • Make an awesome playlist of songs to dance.

What do you think?

Written by Crumblyy


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