What’s tighter, your Jeans or your Friendship?

We all live in a world of dullness and dilemma without a doubt. And, to relieve this constant stress, a true friendship holds the power to lift us up!

All of us are willing to maintain an amazing bond with our loved ones or to carry forward an unshakable friendship for life.
When we talk of friendship, we basically talk about the persistent bond of togetherness, which does not follow the rules of a commitment.
A person who has no friends, lives only half way.

friendship day

Having a bond with your friends is totally a platonic thing.

Who doesn’t want to be “a Hannah to her Jess or a Tony to his Clay?” We learn new ways and forms of friendship every day, the ways to enhance our bond with the people we immensely admire and look up to.
But, what part technology has to play when it comes to sustaining that special bond you might have with your friends?

“About 83% of teen social media users believe that social media makes them feel more connected to their friends’ lives.”
Untimely friendship, however, is most likely to fall apart when one of you move out of the place or settle somewhere else and start building your own life.
This is where technology grabs a piece of your tender heart! Imagine getting married to some guy you love and then settling away from your friends and family. The first thing which strikes you when you miss them is to chat over video calls, to preserve the bond you guys share.

friendshipOn the contrary, most of the times this bond which you share with your loved ones, get complex with an excessive involvement of technology. It is only through some Instagram/snapchat stories or Facebook news feed, where you can only keep an update about them.
However, It has various drawbacks as well. For instance, technology becomes a hurdle when it comes down to solving issues beyond a certain distance.

No matter how far or close you stay away from your friends, it is essential to understand that the bond you share, needs to be appreciated.

Here are some reasons to actually remind you of the significance of your friends in your life.

1. It needs to be tested too

We all expect to become BFF’s with someone we just recently met. But, it needs to be understood that the like our dates, developing friendship too takes some time and patience.

It can go wrong and you might face heartbreaks, but the key is to always remain vigilant and never let someone take an advantage of you.


2. Friends can help you to prioritize

When you choose certain people to hang out with, the cherished bond which you share, actually helps you to prioritize your choices in life.
Ever wondered why the humongous school group falls apart when you start adulting?

It happens, because all of us in some or the other way chooses who’s right for us. And, this decision-making even works excessively in your life.

friendship goals

3. Teen friendships can lead to a romantic future

Teenage romances or your usual high-school affairs are very hard to forget. These friendship-cum affairs make the bond stronger with your friends. You get new ideas to make him/her feel special or develop a sensitivity towards others.


4. Be consistent in meetings

Friendship is as tender as any other relationship in this world. It is more platonic, as it only requires two heart to gel together without any physical involvement.

Keep this bond intact, and decide days where you can actually take out some time to play around with your college or school buddies.
Remember, “the belongingness keeps the bond intact!”


As said – When the world is so complicated, the simple gift of friendship is within all of our hands.” – Maria Shriver

The reality is, all of us need friends to survive. And, this fascinating yet lovable bond does require a lot of effort from your side to exist.
True friendship shows the true colors and personality of a person.

This might seem superficial to you, but a friendship becomes just and true, with your consistent love and effort!

What do you think?

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