Lcd scratches to be treated at home


Today’s LCD screens are no doubt, better than those 90’s TV sets. They offer great picture quality, crispier images and are more power efficient. Built with a liquid display, they are delicate and should be taken care of. LCD’s are more prone to scratches, obtained by some playful activities of your pets or even tots. These scratches appear to be unnoticeable but it can actually ruin your viewing experience.

Here are some household tips to fix LCD scratches, without burning a hole in your pocket, as these scratches shouldn’t restrict you from enjoying your weekends!


ERASER – This is one of the accessible items at your home. First and foremost, clean the scratched screen with a microfiber cloth. Grab a clean eraser, rub it on the scratches from right to left for about 1 minute and then up and down for another 1 minute. The friction caused by the eraser will fill the scratch and make it disappear.


petroleum jelly

PETROLEUM JELLY – Another well-tested option would be applying some petroleum jelly on the scratched surface. It is suggested to cover some superficial dents on the screen. Kindly keep in mind that this solution is temporary and to completely disguise the scratches, reapplication is a must!


rubbing alcohol

RUBBING ALCOHOL – Rubbing alcohol can work effectively to fix the if diluted well. Dilute one part of the rubbing alcohol with 20 parts of water, dip a cotton swab in it and gently apply on the screen until the scratch disappears. As a precaution, never use the alcohol for more than 35%, as it can cause the screen to smudge.


scratch repair kit

SCRATCH REPAIR KIT – Other than these home remedies, you can also use a Scratch Repair Kit available online to fix the minor scratched LCD screen at home. It comes with a polishing paste and microfiber cloth.

If you have got some deep and long scratches, none of these remedies would give instant and miraculous results to you. Therefore, we would recommend getting it repaired or get the LCD screen replaced. And to be cautious for the next time, buy a screen protector to guard your LCD against scratches.

Tips –

  • Protect your LCD with a cover from getting scratched.
  • Shield your LCD with a screen protector which is easy to install and clean.
  • These are some of the ways in which you can fix LCD scratches at home.
  • If none of the above-suggested ways work for you, then call your dealer.

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