How to Fight Depression Without Medication?

Inspired words can be a powerful tool when you have to fight depression without medication. Fighting depression isn’t a hard game all you need is the right way to handle it.

What is depression?

In an interview with ITV’s, the famous celebrity “Cara Delevingne” shared her experience of depression:
It was realizing that I shouldn’t be ashamed of feeling these things, and that I wasn’t alone — learning that everyone goes through similar things… That being vulnerable is actually a strength not a weakness, and showing your emotion and being honest about it [is good.]’

According to the World Health Organization, 300 million people around the world have depression. Depression is something you unknowingly build in your subconscious mind.

For an instance, right after you wake up, you check all your social media accounts and unconsciously, you compare the first side of a coin and skip the other side of the coin that is, untold stories which require strength, struggles and a lot of patience.

How to Fight Depression Without Medication?

Is it normal to feel sad?

Feeling sad is totally normal but tasting that emotion on a regular basis, means you are getting yourself into a trouble which is not fair.

Sadness is the first stage of depression and if this emotion hits you, push yourself out before it gets worst. In this period, the first person who can help you is Only You.

11 life hacks to fight depression without medication.

1. Relax… Sip a cup of your favourite Coffee.

Drinking coffee in depression helps you to understand the nature of life. Even the bitter coffee beans give freshness to your soul.
Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and acts as an antidepressant.

2. Step outside more to change your environment.

Take sunbath, the more you go out in light, the more you will consume positivity and it will help you to fight depression without medication.
Ignore caging yourself in a dark room because it attracts negativity.

3. Change your routine

It helps you to understand how your body really functions, if treated well. Your body needs fresh air, so does your mind. Take yourself off from negative thoughts and let the fresh air come inside.

4. Watch some funny videos.

Watching funny videos in your depression phrase will not only help you in laughing but it will also release all your negative cells out from your body.

5. Experience the power of journaling.

Pen down your thoughts on journal, pour those blank pages with your stories and feel a little lighter. Journaling will take your pain off from your mind and will lead you to the new road of life.

11 life hacks to fight depression without medication.

6. Reading a book from your favorite genre.

Reading a book will help you to distract your racing mind and force you to concentrate on the plot. There are some bestsellers to add in your bucket-list  “The Five Love Languages – Gary Chapman, At Last A Life – Paul David and The Power Of Now – Eckhart Tolle”

7. Take a Walk in an open area.

Walking in a park helps you to feel fresh, expect you to focus on the bright side of nature and supports you to fight depression without medication.

8. Play with kids/pets.

Playing with kids/pets will not only help you to recover but also allow you to relive your childhood days.

They carry a power to lift up anyone’s mood in seconds. They will not only help you to fight depression without medication but it will allow your brain to forget hard days which add stress in your life.

9. Talking to a friend or a family member.

Talking to your loved ones send positive signals to your mind. Spending quality time with your closed ones cure half of your depression.
So, reach out to your BFF and spell out your worries to them.

fight depression without medication

10. Be productive.

Being productive is the best quick-fix to neglect negative areas of your life. Indulge yourself in some pleasurable activities which will boost your inner soul and allow you to move forward in life.

11. Inhale the wild ginger.

Inhaling this strong scent may activate serotonin receptors in your brain. It slows the release of stress-inducing hormones.

Stand like a pillar, with someone who got diagnosed with depression. It would give them courage and help them to recover faster.

Moreover, we would love to listen to your suggestions.
Write down to us in the comments section.

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