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Digital minimalism: How to Prioritize Your Digital Life

What is digital minimalism?

Digital minimalism means to balance technology and clear the low-value digital voice.

You try your hard every time to unplug yourself from technology but get failed? In this case, digital minimalism works like magic, it is the key to live a peaceful and focused life in an increasingly screaming world.

To figure out which technology puts value in your lives and which doesn’t, you need to adopt digital minimalism method.

“We refuse to turn off our computers, turn off our phone, log off Facebook, and just sit in silence because in those moments we might actually have to face up to who we really are.”- Jefferson Bethke Click To Tweet

Why adopt digital minimalism?

In the era of tech-centric world, having a meaningful conversation without glancing at the phone screen, ain’t possible.

The benefits of adopting digital minimalism will enhance your physical interactions, minimize tech addiction and reliance on gadgets.

Digital minimalism comes to push you, to keep yourself organized in life and to ditch the procrastination.


What are the impacts of digital life?

Your digital lifestyle has taken our power of eye-contacts, physical interactions with your squad, damaged your relationships and imprisoned you into the self-doubt.

Here are some facts about your digital life:

  • The average person spends almost 3 hours per day on a mobile phone. Click To Tweet
  • Children who are 5-18 years should not stare at the screen for more than 2 hrs/day.
  • Only 39% of people claim that they’d be able to quit using the internet today if they wanted to do so.
  • 8% people say that they use the internet as a way to escape from their problems.
  • There is a 25% growth in the size of the internet every 3 months.
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How to adopt digital minimalism?

1. Turn off your app notifications.

Switching off notifications will help you to focus on other areas of life.

Get into to take a pause from your chattered digital lifestyle.

2. Track your screen time.

Track your kid’s usage of the cell phone, use screen time parental control.

Your eyes are equally important, make your screen time easy by using Screen limit.

3. Lock your phone addiction.

Due to the extra usage of the phone, flipd immediately locks your phone for a period of time. In brief, there is no door to cheat codes.

4. Categorize your emails.

The thought of organizing emails might drain half of your stamina.

Introduce yourself with  Edison mail to categorize your messages and find them easily.


5. Apps consume half of your phone storage.

Mega helps you store 50 GB at one place so, that you can make a room for more files in your phone.

**Note:  Wasting too much time on Facebook? Go to nudge, as it deletes facebook news feed and saves a lot of time.

6. Prioritize your home screen. Use folders to organise apps.

Your home screen is a mess (Yes, it is!). Use the new folder feature of your phone to organize your home screen.

7. Uninstall unused apps and organise your used apps.

Delete those apps which are for no use and resting somewhere in your phone.

Sorting out used apps keep you organized and prioritize your home screen.

8. Digital detoxification weekend.

Your eyes get damaged by glancing at the screen, take a technology detox weekend from the cell phone.

Plan your trip to a place which you wanted to visit but your busy lifestyle never allowed you.


9. Take a break from your social media addiction.

There should be a time in a day where you keep a distance from technology, to make your day more productive.

10. Pause and question yourself.
Am I consuming extra information, is it healthy for digital minimalism?

Consciously, spending time and learning things are beneficial for you but consuming the excess of information is a waste of your time.

It’s the right hour to dip your fingers in digital minimalism to transform your personality and life.

The game might look easy to you but it requires your determination. (Yes, it does. Stay true to yourself this time.)

Prioritize your digital life by adding it into your new year resolutions list to accomplish it this year.

How do you manage with your social life? Don’t forget to write your answers to Crumblyy  in the comments section below.

What do you think?

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