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Cooking for working moms made easy! (Hack it)

No matter tired or sick the trip to the kitchen never leaves your side. We all know cooking for working moms is the biggest challenge.

On the other hand, half of your time goes in thinking what to prepare and what not. We all know cooking consumes a hell lot of time.

Although, hustling between work and home is not an easy business.

No worries! You got our back.

Let’s aim to balance your work life and motherhood together.

Cooking for working moms made easy!

Smart life-hacks to ease cooking for working moms are listed down below:

1. Cooking for working moms are meant to stand out from the crowd.

Struggling with what to cook and what not? Wait! The ultimate way to stop this thought is to plan out your meal for the whole week. Write down the list of meals according to the days.

Dust down the burden of cooking idea from your shoulders.

2. Let your husband cook for a day.

The act of service from your husband’s side makes cooking for working moms easy. Cook on alternate days. Set a day when you both will prepare the food.

A cooking turn will help you both to build a strong bond and gives you a day off from the kitchen.

🧂 Tip for husbands: Use bread crumbs to nullify the effect of extra salt.

3. Sundays are devoted to cooking for working moms.

Make your Sundays the magical days. Cook for the whole week and serve it every day.

Worrying about freshness? Use Vacuum Sealer Machine to keep your food fresh.

4. Eat leftovers in a creative way.

Leftovers are nothing but a challenge to keep the cooking for working moms simpler and tastier at the same time.

🍳Bonus Tip: On enter what ingredients you have and it tells you what meals you can cook and how you can prepare them.

5. Time to choose technology.

When the entire world is choosing technology why do you stay behind? It’s time to go tech-friendly and create less mess.

It takes courage to hurt your back and neck while chopping meat. Meat Grinder makes cooking for working mom easy.

6. Introduce frozen food to your freezer.

Consider frozen food as a blessing. Frozen food is not only easy to cook but you can store it for months too.

Cooking for working moms and running out of time for office won’t be an option for you anymore.

 Cooking for working moms made easy by these breakfast smoothies

7. Plan a day for grocery shopping.

Grocery shopping should be done on weekends so that you don’t run out of grocery on weekdays.

8. Simple food and flexible cooking for working moms.

Prepare bread pizza or egg burger in secs with the help of breakfast maker and make cooking for working moms easy and stress-free.

Stuff your kid’s stomach with a healthy and tasty breakfast.

🍕 Tip for homemade pizza dough: 1 cup of greek yogurt and 1 cup of self-rising flour.

9. Cooking for working moms become tough especially in the morning.

Prepare the food at night to make stop your morning run to the kitchen. Steam your morning meal which you prepared at night and serve it to your family.

10. Involve your kids to make cooking for working moms fun.

On Sundays, indulge your kids with you. It will be more than fun and later you won’t be regretting not spending time with your little monsters (isn’t it sounding interesting?)

Cooking for working moms made easy!

Now, when your kids demand you to cook yummy food don’t say I don’t have time. Instead,  wear those invisible wings and use the above hacks.

Make your life easier and food healthier, with these fast and healthy cooking life-hacks.

On the whole, working moms are a blessing to this universe and we can’t thank them enough.

Don’t you agree cooking becomes the happiest activity when lifehacks enter?

A warm hug to working moms from team Crumblyy.

Download our Lifehack App for more interesting and insightful cooking hacks.

What do you think?

Written by Crumblyy


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