20 best airport tips and tricks to stay calm and save time.

No matter, if you are backpacking for a business trip, vacation or traveling to fill the gap in your long distance relationship, airport tips are what every traveler seeks.

Trips to the airport are not less than a roller coaster ride. You struggle to be on time so that you won’t miss your flight and those endless queue won’t drain all your energy.

Get ready to fly with these life-hacks because this article is going to do wonders for your upcoming trips to the airport.

Fasten up the seat belt.
Here are the 20 insider airport tips for you.

1. The ultimate airport tips to get the best seats without paying extra.

best airport tips and tricks

If you buy flight tickets 53 days before departure day, you can save 29% on average as the flights are the cheapest in that period.

Whoa! You didn’t expect that. Did you? Absolutely, Not.

2. Do you cope up with ear-popping?

These airport tips are the ultimate help for you to get rid of ear pops.

You suffer from ear pop when the Eustachian tubes get closed.

Just yawn to open the ear pop or another way to open the eustachian tubes is to chew the chewing gum. It increases swallowing because it stimulates saliva production.

3. Book your tickets on particular days.

best airport tips and tricks

Do you know if you book your tickets on Tuesdays or Wednesdays you can get a better deal?

Damn! It sounds fantastic.

4. Recognize your luggage.

If you are a tech-centric person then, use this Bluetooth tracker to track your luggage /keys/phone.

Try these airport tips to spot your luggage in no time. Label your luggage to spot it easily or tie a small piece of bright-colored fabric to your luggage.

5. Airport tips that you should never miss, wear a plastic buckle belt.

Plastic buckle saves you from the trouble. Whereas, a buckle which is made up of metal can get you in trouble as security agents ask you to remove it.

We know you don’t even want to imagine that scenario.

6. The right time to poop in the plane.

flight tricks

Right after the flight attendants bust out the beverage cart, is the best time to poop. Most people won’t get up and risk getting stuck behind it, so you won’t fight lines.

It’s unlikely that you’ll find anyone waiting when you get out.

7. Airport tips that get you rid of Jet lag.

The most important cause of your Jet lag is the direction of your flight and not the length. Help yourself by changing your sleep routine before traveling.

If you are traveling to the West then sleep a little late than usual and if you are traveling to East then, sleep early.

8. Say a BIG NOOO to heavy meals.

If you eat heavy meals before your flight you literally won’t digest it.

Instead, take small meals like, eat quinoa as it is good in fiber and protein. It is the best light meal which keeps you full for hours.

Previously, we discussed about Jet lag so, whenever you fly to any destiny just follow a diet plan few days before flying.

9. Airport tips that never fail if you download these apps.

Being a part of this digital era, so many things have sorted out. Isn’t it?

Discover Flight speaks to store coupons and offers. It would help you see your security wait time and provide you the airport information.

If one of your new year resolutions is traveling to a foreign country. But, the destination isn’t decided then visit ”Skyscanner.” It will suggest you the cheapest flights from around the world.

10. Decrease caffeine intake on your flight.

best airport tips and tricks

According to some sources, the water used in making coffee may contain dangerous bacteria.

Moreover, chances are the water used for coffee can be the same that is used in a plane’s bathroom system.

11. Save your life by packing an extra wallet.

Instead of carrying all your cards and money in one place, add an extra wallet in your suitcase that can save your life later.

Dropping your wallet and losing your money won’t be an issue after that.

12. Overweight luggage won’t be a stress anymore.

best flight tips and tricks

If your luggage is running out of weight limit then, wear the heaviest apparel you are carrying. This would help you to reduce the luggage limit and you can carry those extra clothes with you too.

13. Keep a backup plan for your boarding pass.

best airport tips and tricks

If in case, you missed your boarding pass at home, you don’t have to rush back to home and deal with traffic and other stuff.

Try to click pictures and keep an extra print out of your boarding pass.

14. Carry extra Ziploc bags.

Store your shampoo or body lotion bottles in a Ziploc bag so, that you can easily access them when going through airport security.

Your Ziploc bag can even store your cords and chargers. They won’t get tangled up in your luggage.

15. Stroll around the terminal.

Don’t skip the fact that your body is going to be inactive for few hours which can definitely spoil your posture and give you unbearable pain.

16. Wear comfortable clothing.

Move around, stretch your body and visit the shops at the airport.

best flight tricks

Don’t wear extremely fitted clothes instead wear something which makes you feel comfortable and doesn’t suffocate you.

After all, you don’t want to struggle with your outfit in the air.

17. Airport tips for long flights, switch to glasses.

The average humidity inside an aircraft can get as low as 20%

So, if you wear contact lenses during long flights then switch to glasses. Contact lenses can get dry and cause irritation in your eyes.

18. Airport tips that can save your bucks.

Instead of buying overpriced water at the airport, keep an empty plastic water bottle and refill it after passing security.

This way you can save extra bucks and stay hydrated.

19. Carry less cash with you.

People tend to exchange their currency when visiting a foreign country.

Remember that wherever you are traveling to, there must be ATMs from where you can withdraw some cash.

20. Luggage facility you should never miss.

best tricks

To avoid scratches and dents on your checked-in luggage, shrink wrap your luggage. There are wrapping stations in some international airports. Never forget to use it.

Use these airport tips and make your flying experience wonderful.

What tips do you use while flying and to make your trip worth remembering? Write down your answers in the comments section below.

We would love to read your answers.

What do you think?

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