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BB Cream vs. CC Cream vs. DD Cream: What’s the Difference?

Beauty creams are an essential part of any makeup routine. The reason why the market is flooded with these creams is because they target every skin type and problem.

BB, CC, and DD creams are an example of how different skin products can be and the problem these creams targets.

Each cream falls under the category of the solution it claims to provide.

All these creams are different, yet so many features are same in all three of them, like SPF, Moisturizer, and smooth skin. The benefits are still as per the individual priority for which the cream is formulated.


bb cream tube

  • BB cream

BB cream is referred to as beauty balm or blemish balm. It claims to be an all-in-one solution which is made up of primer that provides coverage with moisturizer and SPF.

It was primarily for people who went under a cosmetic surgery but later it became a popular tinted moisturizer with foundation.


cc cream tube

  • CC cream

CC cream is a short form for color correction cream. The focus of this cream is to even the skin tone and reduce or hide the appearance of spots. Its texture is lighter than BB cream and takes care of skin problems like redness and dull complexion. Despite the texture, CC cream has a better coverage than BB cream.

The finish of CC cream is opaque whereas BB cream is sheer/ translucent.  


dd cream

  • DD cream

DD cream stands for Daily Defence or Dynamic Do-all cream. This cream is not just a combination of BB or CC cream, it has its own set of features as well.

The cream gives coverage, sun protection and fights the signs of aging. It has extracts of olive oil and hibiscus as well. It claims to work on wrinkles and other signs of aging and thus, is advisable for mature women.

The comparison of these creams is as per the requirement of each skin concern and expectations of the customer who buys it.

DD cream has dewy finish just like BB cream but it is an advanced version of both the creams that are created with botanical oils, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and other such natural ingredients that fight to age and makes skin look younger and radiant.


With this, we hope the drama of selecting the right cream is absolutely sorted now.

But the approach that works best while selecting the cream is to make sure that the ingredients suit your skin type and the problem areas of the skin.

So, take time in selecting a cream that is available in the market under various brands


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  • Remove the cream, before sleeping by using micellar water.
  • Always do the patch test before applying it on the face.

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