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8 Ways to use dried coffee grounds at your home

Coffee grounds that we usually toss in the kitchen bin, have properties that no other store-bought ingredient can possibly do without causing a hole in our pocket, and the free chemical that accompanies it. Confused?

The Unusual ways you could use coffee grounds are-

kitchen garden

The coffee grounds are the easiest fertilizer available for the plant when you love them enough not to let them die. Since most of the important nutrients are not present in the soil and as the plant grows it depletes the soil of the nutrient by absorbing it.

They contain all the key minerals that are required by the plants like; nitrogen, calcium, potassium, iron, chromium, magnesium and phosphorus. This can be done by mixing is in the soil or just sprinkling it time to time onto the soil surrounding the plant.


lizards and insects

The best one on the list is that coffee grounds work as a very effective lizard repellent. Caffeine is highly toxic for the creepy creatures like lizards and insects. Just scatter them on the area that is prone to these creatures.



Get a glowing complexion by making the natural exfoliating scrub with coffee grounds, brown sugar, and coconut oil. It works wonders and feels like a spa every time you are in the shower.


aroma candles

If you are a fan of that smell of coffee in the morning, then this one is for you:  Just add some candle wax in a glass jar and add dried coffee grounds and make a scented candle that is so relaxing.


bad odor refrigerator

Do you hate that smell in the refrigerator?

Just put the coffee grounds in a bowl and see the magic of all the odor being absorbed in a jiffy. As it contains nitrogen which helps in eliminating any foul smell.


gym shoes

To Keep those sweaty gym shoes away from stinking, just grab a muslin cloth, or an old stocking fill with coffee grounds make a small pouch and place it in the sock drawer or hang it in the wardrobe and voila! They are as fresh as new.



The acidic properties in the coffee grounds help in tenderizing the meat of the steak and enhance the flavor of the meat, by giving it a dark and crispy crust.


hair spray

Remember the ugly residue left behind by the endless amount of spray on your hair to keep it absolutely perfect all through the night.

The morning after a crazy party is the most painful one, as no amount of shampoo can take that layer off the chemical.

This is where coffee grounds come to your rescue, by simply rubbing a handful of coffee ground on the scalp right before shampoo and let coffee do its magic to your hair.


So, the next time you brew a cup of this magic potion, think before throwing the magic dust, as in coffee grounds away, because these hacks can do wonders for you other than making your Monday morning bearable.


  • Most coffee shops (including most Starbucks) will give you bags of used grounds for free.
  • Coffee grounds and water (aka second-round coffee) make an excellent non-toxic paint.
  • These are some of the ways to use coffee grounds at your home.




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