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8 flexible ways for parents to work from home.

First things first, there is legit work from home jobs. Yes! Not all of them are a scam but some are, you just have to be a little smart and cautious to choose the right one.

We all live in a world where a day off from work is like a miracle because of the cut-throat competition that starts with every appraisal cycle or even trying to keep up with our kids at home.

There is no doubt that a working parent has to make a choice between their child and work. It goes without saying which one is more important, we all know the answer!

All of us are aware of the fact that being a parent is not an easy job but here we are with some amazing work from home career tips to help you earn pretty much cash!

work from home

1-Travel Agent

Skills required- Good communication (verbal especially), Can convince people, travel enthusiast

How to get started- Firstly get familiar with some agencies like hometravelagency and get yourself acquainted with the business by taking up some training courses offer by Fabjob etc. These companies provide training/ education at an affordable price.

How it works- As an agent you earn commission from each end for the arrangement you booked also you will have access to those special deals.   


work from home


Skills required- Creativity, Patience, and concentration, Attention to detail, Strong Networking skills

How to get started- Good photographs are in high demand, a number of platforms offer to buy photographs like Bigstock and istock

How it works- Don’t worry about having a fancy camera! Smartphones now have apps like Foap and Twenty20 which helps to upload pictures from your phone to their sites. So each time your picture sells, you get all the money. So, get clicking.


work from home

3- Freelance writer

Skills required- Flair for writing, Good grammar, Expertise in the field you are writing, good research skills

How to get started- There are tons of website that offer freelance opportunities to beginners and experienced writers. Also, you could check tons of Facebook group for freelancers where you could get jobs/assignments pretty easily

How it works- The client or the company sends daily assignments and you have to complete it within the time frame and correctly. Just make sure you don’t send plagiarised work at all.

Types of Freelance writing jobs apart from general ones:

Academic Writer- This profile is for people who want to write content that is only education-centric

Ghostwriter- All you need is some contacts to get through people who just want someone to express their experience the way they would

Where to find jobs-  Freelancer, Flexjobs or just check out this elaborate list of sites that provide freelance writing jobs list.


work from home


Skills required- Confidence, Energy and a creative genius

How to get started- Just get yourself a tripod stand, a good camera and just create an account on youtube. Now upload the video and enroll in the partner program on youtube settings and click on “Allow Advertisements” then go to the “View additional Features”.

The youtube monetization will opt in. You just have to make a minimum number of subscribers to earn from it.

How it works- Make a video regularly, it can be reviewing a website or products or just a hack on a something. The key is to make sure that your video is an outstanding one and in no time you can be the next youtube sensation, making tons of money.


work from home


Skills required- A spare room and want to meet new people

How to get started- List your property with Airbnb and just organize and make it look good. Visit

Airbnb, Homeaway etc to get started

How it works- Be available for new guest in the house, little adjustment is required by you and of course the guest. Keep the house clean and pretty for a good review.


work from home

6-Birthday Party Planner

Skills required- Organized, up to date with the latest children’s party trends

How to get started- Educate yourself on the latest and best practices, file the essential paperwork and get together the legal and financial aspects of the business as well, Now, you can have the fun.

How it works- Start by promoting yourself in your circle of friends, facebook groups, blogs or just put up a couple of posters in the local shops in the nearby market.

Pre-plan some themes, make a book of ideas that you can show to your client, connect with vendors and let the party begin. By the way, Pinterest can be your bae in this business.


work from home

7-Take Surveys

Skills required- Just have an opinion

How to get started- Check out websites like Paidviewpoint , realwaystoearnmoneyonline, and pineconeresearch.

How it works- Sign up as a survey taker, where forms could be in form of opinion poll or a review about a product.

These websites will connect with you as and when it is suitable for you and you take that survey right away. Who knew having an opinion could pay.


work from home

8-Become an Artist

Skills required- Love for painting. Drawing and sculpting

How to get started- Check job sites that offer a number of creative projects like Aquent.

How it works- All you need to do is use your creative bent of mind to generate some income. Finally, a job or rather you can call it a reward for having a creative personality.


No matter what age and what geographical location you are tied to, these work from home options will make sure that you don’t have to make a hard choice between your work and personal life.

Whoever said these two things cannot go hand-in-hand was undoubtedly wrong! Follow your passion along with some of these ways and never give up on your dreams.

Tips –

  •  Identify what needs to get done every day and make sure to do it.
  •  Be clear about your working hours.
  •  Buy a noise-canceling headset with a mute button for hassle-free work from home.
  •  Separate your workspace from Living space.

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