7 Ways to Boost Your Resume While You Study

When it comes to making a killer resume, a flawless record of good grades is not enough to get the attention of the employers. Yes! Employers do look for a smart student, but it is essential for you to develop an outgoing personality which will improve your chances of getting your dream job.

If you are able to showcase your potential only by your resume, the employers will definitely give it a second thought.

A work experience is an essential part of a resume, but to get that you have to work on making an impressive resume.

We have made a list, which targets exactly to the hurdles you face when you plan to start a job.

Let us help you get that edge over other candidates when it comes to getting a job.

1. Keep your social media up-to-date

As a creative person, social media opens many doors much faster than any other method which is not very effective and can cost a lot of money. It is a way of telling people about your talent in your comfort. Some common platforms are:

Facebook has a wide reach through groups that have people with a common mindset or a goal, like a group of artist or writers. In such groups, you can find a good project or even a job related to your field.  

Twitter is an amazing way to promote your work. Just keep your thoughts flowing and as the number of followers increases, you can become an influencer soon.

Instagram is a platform that can make your personality a core selling point, whether you are a musician or a photographer. All you have to do is, keep posting and do it regularly. By the time you are ready for a serious job, you may not have to find one with the number of organic followers you have.


2. Spend time on learning new skills

 Learning new skills does not mean attending every webinar online or doing any course. You should understand your goal and list five qualities or skills that you want to work on, as per your aspirations.

These skills can be communication skills that can be developed by participating in college debates or host a small event (if it scares you, it might be a good thing to try) or write an article in the college magazine. This will help you work on what you would love to pursue as a career option in future and if you have time left, why not pick up something new.

3. Learn about yourself

This is an important part for a student who needs to know what he wants to do in life. Most of the times exploring jobs that may or may not be right for you is a time taking process. Studying your own self is not an easy task so one can consider taking a number of personality tests that are available.

These can be provided by various colleges or you can find one online and take the test. These tests generate a report based on the answers you give which indicates the right career path for you, considering your personality type.

You can also take time from your college counselor to guide you through the dilemma of finding the right career profile.

4. Keep a track of the career fairs

There are a number of career fairs that happen in the city, all year round. These fairs are an excellent place to explore the kind of jobs that are available in the market. It also helps in understanding that whether you are a good fit for a particular job you were thinking of pursuing and building your resume around it.


5. Learn a new language

Learning a new language at any age is beneficial to the brain. It improves your thinking skills and also benefits the memory.

Learning a new language can give you a competitive edge and can open doors to exploring the world as well. How cool is that?

6. Start a blog

 A blog tends to enhance your professional profile and proves to the employer that the qualities you are boasting about are legitimate. The blog needs to be relevant to the industry which will help them in understanding your point of view and depth of your knowledge.

A blog can be a great way to showcase your passion and motivation as well.

7. Let your resume do the talking

This may be the easiest part of the list, but the most important one. A resume is a great way to showcase your personality; it does not have to be a page with a list of your achievements and skills.

There are so many ways to make a resume appealing like adding a good Infographic. It is a very interesting way to put your thoughts and keeping the employer amazed with your creativity as well.



We hope this list will make you ready to get that resume with a skill set and gain mastery over those candidates by showcasing the best you’ve got.

When it comes down to enhancing or changing your personality, it does not take a few hours. Instead, it can only happen gradually. But, putting in some effort can make you more appealing and appreciated in front of others.


What do you think?

Written by Crumblyy

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