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18 ways to win your girlfriend’s heart on this Valentine’s week.

Winning your girlfriend’s heart is not an impossible task but a difficult one to crack.

This Valentine’s week grab the chance and pamper your girlfriend in the best way possible.

Promise her not the moon and stars but your love that won’t fade away with the time.

Remember, the man who keeps his promises gets the tag of ‘The Perfect Boyfriend Ever and wins his girlfriend’s heart.’

In the most romantic week of the year make a huge difference in the relationship by climbing the mountains for love.

Don’t beat yourself up by thinking too much and stretching every creative muscle in your body. We have got you covered.

On this Valentine’s week, use these 18 unique life hacks that go straight into your girlfriend’s heart:


1. Engraved jewellery will guide you the way to your girlfriend’s heart.

Your girlfriend doesn’t bother about the price of the gift you give her. But, the efforts get focused and that makes you earn your girlfriend’s heart.

Stackable rings are the real eye-catcher for your girlfriend. I bet, it must be on her bucket list since ages.

Involve your creative head with the rings. Like a set of three thin bands with her first name on the one, her zodiac on another or a word that describes her perfectly. One more time, it would definitely steal your girlfriend’s heart.

woman getting spa

2. Gift your girlfriend a massage.

Pamper her! A spa or a massage is a perfect gift for a workaholic girlfriend who needs some serious relaxing time. So, just book one for her on this Valentine’s week and the thought of being relaxed will shine her face like a pearl.

These little efforts will make a ladder to reach your girlfriend’s heart in seconds.

daycation with love

3. Plan a Daycation.

Yes! You heard it right. While vacation needs too much planning and checking the calendar for holidays. On the other hand, a day trip to a resort or a nearby hill station is not a bad option to get away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

beauty box kit

4Gift your girlfriend a beauty subscription.

Okay! So beauty subscriptions are something where you can never get failed. You know that your girlfriend is extremely conscious about her skin. Right? Absolutely Right! 😉 That one pimple can turn her pink face to red with tears.

After all, pimples can horrify anyone from head to toe.

Every month when the makeup/beauty subscription box gets delivered to her doorstep, it will remind her that you not only care on the lovey-dovey week of the year but on the regular days too.

gift her lingerie

5. Buy her a Lingerie.

Gifting your girlfriend a set of lingerie will not only comfort her but she will see that as a boyfriend you care about her way too much. No other gift can make your girlfriend realize that ‘You know her’.

Lingerie is an essential part of a women’s life that describes personality and comfort with her body. Though, lingerie describes your girlfriend who she really is- romantic/playful/wild.

win your girlfriend’s heart

6. Turn out the old patterns in a unique way.

Verbal promises are fine but it doesn’t stay for long instead gift her a handwritten book of promises that you would commit every time she gets angry.

This teddy day, don’t just gift her the usual teddy bear, stuff that humongous soft toy with chocolates so that she never run out of it.

 win your girlfriend heart forever

7On this rose day, disappear her stress.

Send a bouquet of roses to take away all your girlfriend’s stress in a fraction of second.

You can also send her a nice breakfast when you know she has missed one. These small gestures will tell her, how much you worry about her little things.

win your girlfriend heart forever

8. Grab every chance to hug your girlfriend on this hug day.

Hugs are the most caring gesture that makes a huge impact on your relationship.

When you do things together that not only fill the gaps but also add more value to your relationship.

Learn new things together and seize a chance to hug your girlfriend for at least 20 secs to build the strongest bond with her.

You will see a growth in your relationship and witness an irreplaceable bond between you two.

win your girlfriend heart

9. Give a surprise visit at her workplace.

Girls love surprises and that too from a person she loves the most. If you are in a long distance relationship with your girlfriend then surely you miss her way too much. Surprise your girlfriend at her workplace.

Trust me, this surprise visit will pour her eyes and you will be collecting her teardrops. Such surprises never go out of fashion.

compliment her

10. Compliment your girlfriend when she is not expecting one.

On this season of love, appreciate your girlfriend’s no makeup look and tell her how stunning she looks with her natural beauty.

Win your girlfriend’s heart by praising her talent. It will not only build her confidence but her love and respect for you will be leveled up.

love her

11. Get scared of losing her

When you accept that you are scared of losing her, she will be pleased to know that. It will convey the indirect signal of your love towards her.

Get scared of lying to her and also be afraid to lose her because that gorgeous lady deserves it.

win your girlfriend heart

12. Cook and enter in your girlfriend’s heart.

When you cook for your girlfriend; you sprinkle your emotions, care, and love in that food which is impossible for her to neglect. Your girlfriend feels on the ninth cloud when something is get cooked for her and that too her favorite dish by you.

girlfriend gifts ideas

13. Gift her the dress.

Dresses are something which hooks your girlfriend’s eye not only when you two visit a mall but also when some festive sale pops up on her notifications bar.

But, this Valentine’s week gift her the most gorgeous dress she is daydreaming about. Let her flaunt her dress on the date in an exotic destination.

Make her feel special in this romantic season of love.  

girlfriend gifts ideas

14. Show your love in front of your female friends.

So, she might get jealous of your female friends. Right? No worries! You can vanish that insecurity. Show love to your girlfriend in front of your female friends and make her feel secure. A boyfriend wins girlfriend’s heart when he makes her feel special.

Time to shower your bucket full of love on your girlfriend.

girlfriend gift ideas

15. Long messages always win your girlfriend’s heart.

Okay! Let’s be honest, girls love long text messages. When you put your time, love, and little details all together for your girlfriend you win. Yes, you do! Trust us, nothing in the world can instantly make your girlfriend smile and feel loved.

Just take a minute and write down a love letter or a poem which tells her about your affection towards her.

girlfriend gift ideas

16. Drop her at class/work.

Dropping your girlfriend at her workplace or class not only shows your care but also tells about how genuinely you want to spend your time with her.

Your girlfriend won’t tell you but It makes you look charming and her love for you grows instantly.

girlfriend gifting ideas

17. Change your speech.

You can’t deny the fact that you have made your girlfriend wait for hours. This Valentine’s week try to reach early on your date.

If, you could not make it then instead of saying “Sorry! I’m late. Say, Thanks for waiting for me.” This will definitely lift her mood up.

Change your negative speech into positive. It will always turn out to be in your favor.

girlfriend gift ideas

18. Send her the mouth-watering food to never skip her lunch breaks.

Workaholic girlfriends usually skip their lunch breaks. Never mind! Take the facility of online ordering food and deliver the food on her table. She will be remembering you in every bite she would take.

Now, workload won’t be a villain in her life.

These are just a few tips to help you keep the spark ignited in your relationship.

To all the boyfriends out there, all your efforts won’t get to drain because your girlfriends notice every tiny change in your behavior (I kid you not! She really does.)

So, how can she ignore all these exclusive pampering treatments?

** Pro-tip: Don’t just pamper your girlfriend only in the romantic week of the year. Instead, pamper her on usual days too. Believe us, she won’t leave you ever.

Enough said, go ahead and be the shining knight she has been dreaming about all her life. For this most awaited month of the year, use these life hacks to win your girlfriend’s heart.

What do you think?

Written by Crumblyy


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