10 Smart Office Gadgets for Your Work Life

As they say, all work and no fun making a very cranky employee. That’s actually true and we are quite sure most of you will agree with us. Not many people get that opportunity to enjoy while they are at work.

Some companies do have, ping pong tables, ps4, etc. in the office for their employees’ well-being and happiness. But how many times do we get a chance to actually get up from our desk and go for a game/match? Even a 5-minute tea break is frowned upon by our lovely bosses; forget the fact of going out for a game.

There is a list we have compiled for you of the office gadgets, that can not only make work fun but can also solve our tiny problems.

1. USB Keyboard vacuum cleaner

This tiny vacuum cleaner is an excellent solution for an employee who loves to munch while working. But, it gets impossible to get those cookie crumbs or pieces of chocolates you stole from your co-worker, out from the space between the keyboard keys.

These food particles can attract ants, insects to your desk and create even more mess. Don’t you worry, we’ve got a tiny USB vacuum cleaner to rescue people like you.

Where to find it –

usb keyboard cleaner
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2. Hand massager

This handheld massager is designed perfectly to hit the right spot and target the right muscle groups, which are at a pain due to long hours of sitting. So, keep yourself happy and fit for that upcoming after office party with this handy device.

Where to find it – Decathlon- Massager

hand masaager

3. USB cup warmer/chiller

For a coffee lover to keep your coffee perfectly hot while you are getting started with your day. This is that one thing that cannot go wrong on a chaotic morning. It can also keep your cola chilled and beer crisp as well.

Where to find it –

usb coffee warmer
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4. Cable drops

We all hate it when your charging cable gets tangled with the wheel of your chair and can damage it. This is a real problem which makes us buy a new cable every now and then.

These cable drops will definitely cut down on those expenses and hassle. Just stick it on the desk and it will handle those charging cables neatly and at your convenience. Bye-Bye damaged cables.

Where to find it – Cable Drops-

cable organizer
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5. USB Blender

Who said being healthy is not easy? This one makes it super cool, easy and yummy. All you need to do is just put some freshly cut fruits and yogurt (just a suggestion) and blend it well.

An amazing fresh smoothie would get ready in a minute which is delicious and will also make your co-workers jealous.

Where to find it – USB Blender-

usb blender
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6. Swiss army knife multiple chargers

That’s what we are talking about. This sleek and multifunctional charging and data transferring cable that looks like a swiss army knife, and plays the role of a device made for a modern-day emergency.

Instead of a mini tool kit with blades, screwdriver or scissors,  this new charging gadget comes out with the flexibility of charging most of the devices available in the market.

Where to find it –  Mobile multiport swiss knife-

swiss knife USB
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7. USB Candle diffuser

While we are supposed to adhere to the strict corporate guidelines of not burning a candle or incense no matter how unpleasant it gets.

Here we are, with an electronic device that passes your corporate guidelines and makes your cubicle a relaxing spa.

Where to find it – Aroma electric candle- usb.brando

USB diffuser
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8. Mini Digital Photo Frame

This frame allows you to add 50 pictures without taking too much space on your desk.

A frame is an amazing gadget that makes your workplace better and does not make you feel away from your loved ones.

Where to find it – Mini digital photo frame- unity electronics

digital photoframe
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9. USB desk fan

This one is to keep you cool even when the work pressure is killing you. This will get you through a really hot day especially when you have to put on a tie for an important meeting.

It adds a really cool look to your desk and makes you look so chill even on a day when things are just melting due to heat.

Where to find it – USB fan- usb.brando

usb fan
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10. Foot Hammock

This product must have been designed by somebody who had to sit hours at his desk and would end up with tired sore feet. Especially if you are a writer, programmer, receptionist or a call center employee.

It does not make you efficient but makes your work life a little bearable and comfortable. You can also cover it with fleece if your office is heavily air-conditioned.    

Where to find it- Foot hammock-

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Hope you have enjoyed discovering that there are some things that can help you get through a really rough day at work or make your average day good.

It is really difficult to wake up and go to work every day.

These tiny gadgets can make things easy for you and can add excitement to your boring work life.

Tips – 

  • Standing desktop converter with monitor shelf is a must-have gadget for the office.
  • USB Mini Fridge will help you store your drinks in the office.

  • To know more office gadgets – visit

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  1. Having a USB blender seems like a bad idea. Even if your office allows food at your work desk, they probably don’t mean that you can cook and mix there. Plus as much as your co-workers will be jealous, they’ll probably be very annoyed by the noise a working blender makes.
    And you really should’t be that person you shares their “aromas” with the entire office. Just remember that you’re in public, even if you’re in your cubical.
    But I’ve heard good things about the rest of the gadgets here, mostly from reading office gadgets reviewed by BestTechExpert.Guide. I’d especially need the vacuum for my keyboard.

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