10 natural ways to boost your immune system

“Take care of your body. It’s the best place you have to live.” ~ Jim Rohn


Boosting the immune system naturally is not just about eating healthy, it means training your immune system to work properly. The role of a good immune system is to protect our body from viruses, bacteria, and parasites. That’s how our body is dependent on a strong immune system. You can try to strengthen the immune system by getting rid of some destructive habits and embracing behaviours that support immunity.


The best place to start cultivating strong immunity is the place where it resides, that is, the gut. This is where 80% of the immune cells are found and our body decides between an enemy (pathogenic bacteria) or a friend (Lactobacilli). By focussing on the gut, we are less likely to get sick and have allergies.  

The following are the points to keep in mind if working on strengthening your immune system –

gym to immune system

1. Hit the gym

The immune system of our body is receptive to our exercise routine, by producing more and more blood cells that protect us from bacterial infections.

As we make exercise a part of our daily schedule the results of a better immune system last longer.

rest to boost immune sysytem

2. Get some more rest

Keeping things in moderation is the key to build immunity. Too much exercise can lead to a dip in the production of the blood cells that fight germs which increases the risk of infection.

Hence, include plenty of recovery time to your routine can help you maintain the immune health.

immune sysytem

3. Laughter is the best medicine

Yes! That’s true. Laughter can boost your immunity by raising the levels of antibodies and the macho white blood cells, that defends the body from bacteria and virus by attacking it.

The number of antibodies is increased in the mucus, respiratory passage and other entry points of the germs in the body.

say no to sugar to boost immunity system

4. Bye- Bye Sugar

The sugar loaded carbonated drinks that we all love are actually impairing the strength of white blood cells in our body.

Instead of opting for natural sweeteners like stevia extracts or honey can boost the system. So it’s time to say sayonara to the decadent chocolate brownie.

vitamins to boost immunity

5. Time for some Vitamin-C

The freshness of citrus that enlightens your mood every time you peel that orange or just drizzle it on your salad. These uplift the activity of phagocytes(cells that engulf and digests bacteria) in the blood.

Looking at the bright side, vitamin-C is not stored in the body to get used to some citrus twist in your life.

immune your system

6. Make some bone broth

The hot soothing chicken soup has far-reaching effects on the immune system. It contains natural gelatin, collagen and amino acids that help in improving the wound healing properties by boosting lymphocytes.

So, start sipping on this bowl full of goodness and comfort.

probiotics to boost your immunity

7. Have some probiotics

Have your portion of that ready-made probiotic drink once a day to help your gut stay clean and healthy. Also, reduce the chances of respiratory infections by consuming this magic potion.

garlic to boost your immunity

8. Add some garlic

Garlic is the easiest ingredient in the list that is used almost in all the savoury dishes to pep it up. The reason why we have this one on the list is that it helps in lowering down the blood pressure and slows down the hardening of arteries that can lead to heart problems.


9. The good old almond

Remember every time we used to visit our grandmothers during winter holidays and she used to handover to us a handful of almonds. Well, she knew this one definitely.

The fat-soluble vitamin in almonds that is- Vitamin E is the key to a healthy immune system.

green tea to boost your immunity

10. The tending one- Green tea

Green tea is a good source of amino acids, unlike black tea which loses its goodness in the process of being made. Green tea not only cleanses but aids in producing the germ-fighting compounds in the cells.  


It is never too late or too early to work towards being the healthiest you. But, the key is to know the basics to make a right start towards a healthy body.

So, let us work on health to make more and more wealth. *wink* *wink*

Tips –

  • Meditation quietens your mind and calms your soul – learn ways to meditate.
  • Adding variation to your exercises will keep them interesting and more enjoyable.
  • Buy a packet of green tea from Amazon, for various varieties.
  • Choose white meat over red meat.
  • Don’t drink alcohol on regular basis.
  • Learn to carry a water bottle when you go out.

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