10 Inventions That Are Meant to Make Your Life Comfortable

Most of us are in a rush all the time. The world seems unfair when all of a sudden we find things hard to crack. In our busy schedules, it is equally important that we look up for some inventions which can make our life comfortable.

For instance, think of a machine which can scan the number of calories in your food or a thermogel pillow and bed sheet to help you stay cool while sleeping.

There are innumerable inventions which emerge daily and leave us with an undying desire to buy them.

With this purpose in mind, we have assembled 10 such inventions to make your life comfortable and easy!

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1. Silicon Glasses

Whenever there is a party or even a small get together, the party hosts pray extremely hard, to not clean up the pieces of the shattered glass, at the end of the party. To make that easy for you, silicon glasses serves no such mess! And, will also make easy to serve drinks in them as well.

life comfortable gadgets
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2. Fitness tracker jewelry

Are you one of those for whom the usual fitness gadgets are a big no-no? The Bellbeat company offers a fashionable solution for this! The company designs attractive jewelry, with an inbuilt fitness tracker. The gadget is called Leaf nature for women, which can be worn as a pendant, bracelet or even as a clip. In addition to this, it is a smart tracker which count steps, checks the level of stress and keep a track of your menstrual cycle.

life comfortable gadgets

3. The calorie scanner… Making eating easy!

Everyone dreams to eat without getting fat and sometimes it becomes even harder to keep a track of your calories intake. But, what about a smart scanner which can scan a food item and give you the number of actual calories stored in it? Sounds fun right!

CaloRieco infrared scanner measures the nutrients of a meal with certain accuracy. This product can make the life comfortable for those people, diagnosed with diabetes and other diet-affected health conditions.

life comfortable gadgets
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4. A silicon form for desserts

This one is indeed for the ones who own a decorative spirit! These tiny little silicon forms will let you pour your dessert mix and come out in the form of a bouquet. These molds can actually make your life comfortable and cooking easy!

P.S- You can also use them for cheering up jelly and pannacotta!

life comfortable gadgets
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5. Gadget to make your flights super comfy

Each one of us on some or the other day has rested our shoulders on the fellow passengers; intentionally or unintentionally while travelling.

Surprisingly, B-tourist is here to relieve you from such codependency. It is a gadget which will make you feel relaxed and help you to sleep easy. It will relieve you from travelling woes and sleeping discomfort.

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6. Qoobo Therapy Robot

We can’t carry our cute little soft toys to our workplace, right? Regardless of it, the  Japanese firm Yukai Engineering has developed a therapeutic robot, named Qoobo.

The more a person pets the cutesy-fluffy robot, the more it wags its tail! It is an ultimate way to make your work life bearable and easy! As said by the manufacturers “Wrap yourself with fuzzy love.”

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7. An adjustable thermogel bed sheet set

All of us start preparing for our summer bodies, even before the summers arrive! But, what actually makes our living worse, are the hot nights. The thermogel quality of these bed sheet and pillow will keep you cold at night, by dissolving the warmth from your body and will make your life comfortable and better!

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8. Future supermarkets

Technology has so far has simplified the way you shop! Similarly, Usockets has come forward to reinvent and make the shopping experience easier for the sellers. Uscokets is a series of electronic supermarket tags for products, which generates tags for a single product.

For instance, if there’s less footfall in the grocery section, the prices will drop down and offer a deal o the existing customers on lower prices. This technology is contemporary and quite easy-to-use.

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9. Feeder for your pet

Let’s be real, we all love our dogs, but to feed and keep them, we need our jobs too! If you are a single parent to your cuddly-softball, buy a Petsafe gadget and no matter how much you work at your office, your dog will never miss on his food!

The gadget operates with a simple mobile application, therefore making your life comfortable and manageable.

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10. Adjustable water bottle

Growing kids at home? This one will definitely fascinate them and serve the purpose of not spending much on buying different water bottles in every grade.

This adjustable water bottle can shrink and expand, according to your needs.

All these inventions are only defined by how the respective users found them. Or how beneficial did they prove to you?

Do you feel that any one of these can make your life comfortable and easy? Let us know in the comment section below and mention some other innovative inventions you have laid your hands on.

Tips :

  • Mostly these gadgets are available on
  • Review them before buying.
  • Be more tech-friendly as the future beholds a huge collection of gadgets.

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