Long Distance Relationship – Foolproof plan for making it work.

“Each one of us longs for a walk to remember with the one we love.”

But what if that person is far away from us?

Long distance relationships sound cringy to most of us. The idea of waiting for someone to come and embrace you, at the needed time. The idea of spending a day off together. Or, waiting for someone to complete the humming tune, at the middle of the night.
Certainly, all of these things remain unrequited even when you and your partner are trying hard to make your long distance relationship work.

If we talk about the positive side of it, long distance relationships are where you build trust with your loved ones, wait passionately to reunite with them to share a lifetime together with them.
Long distance relationships take the same time as any closely-knitted relationship would. And, unless both of you put your head and heart into it, the relationship might lose its force.

To hold the back of your love here, we are going to chart a foolproof plan to make your long distance relationship work!

Just remain patient and choose what might work the best for couples like you.

long-distance relationship

1. Let’s start it with Communicating

We meet daily with our other halves, eat with them and whenever get a chance, hang out with them as well. But, how to fill this void when the person is shifting overseas or a few states away from you?

It must be remembered that “the world is not a wish-granting factory”, as said by John Green. The only possible key to make your long distance relationship work is regular communication. Remaining in touch with your lovely beau/gal is not a fuss nowadays.
There are plenty of apps to keep you close – SimplyUs, Between, and why not binge-watch together with Rabbit?

2. Put a hold on your expectations

I understand that you need to stay close and connected to your lover even when you are away from them.

In addition to this, one must understand the sensitivity of the fact that long distance relationships are not always about chit-chatting or talking unstoppably over your mobile phones. It is required from both the sides, to become less regulatory and more concerning, in respect to the other person’s time.
The more you become sensitive to their time, the more your relationship will tend to last.


3. Why not video call them?

The one thing everyone hates about a long distance relationship is to wait for actually seeing the person live. Isn’t that so?
So, shatter all these hurdles and dig deep into each other’s eyes and video call them whenever possible!

long distance relationship

4. Share your schedules with each other

If talking to each other is undeniably important, so is to decide the suitable time to do that!
First and foremost, start sharing your work or study related schedules with each other, as long-distance relationships demand that extra effort. If you are going to be occupied, inform the other person about it, as early as possible. Doing this will avoid unnecessary and unvarying fights.

Regardless of doing this, if you guys just got engaged in a little quarrel, sort things out with Fix a Fight. It will help you to restore your intimate connection!

5. Don’t help suspicion to sprout up

Do you often make weird assumptions about how suspicious a man or a woman can become in a long distance relationship? Well, now you will know why!
Obviously, your significant other wants you to enjoy the day out with friends and never want you to feel alone or miserable. To twist this scenario a little, what responsibilities would you take up in this situation? It is not as easy as it sounds, to understand the perspective of the other person, especially in a long distance relationship.


Though the other person has measureless trust in you, you should remember not to break that by engaging with some eye-candy from your class or workplace or even giving a chance for them to flirt. All these things can ruin your long distance relationship’ s unsaid pact.

Keep your heart and mind awake and analyse the situation, before succumbing to short-lived experiences. Try to inform your girl/boyfriend before making a plan so to maintain a peace and eternal trust. As they could actually cross oceans for your happiness!

6. Handover a token of love to them

About 14 million couples define themselves as having a long distance relationship. A huge number right? What do you actually think might help them to linger on to this? A token of love, maybe?

It is important to realize that parting gifts are not just cheesy instead, they are the embodiment of a strong tie you have with each other. A pendant, ring, wallet, notebook, paintings or even a withering flower in your favourite book can serve the purpose. Or read about some more ways to win your lover’s heart and attention!
Because why not hold onto the memories when the hands are too far to be held?

long-distance relationship

7. Enjoy some me- time

Love is never about losing yourself, it is about finding a new version of your own true self!”
Of course one needs to put an extra effort to make the long distance relationship work, but the one thing which is a strong representation of your love is to love yourself first!
If you find your partner busy at some point, engage yourself in some personality building activities. Find your tastes, hobbies and never let anyone take the love you possess for your own self away.

8. Enough talking. Now, go and visit them!

All these tips are futile if you got the weekend off and didn’t adjust your work a bit to visit the love of your life!

Love isn’t all about texting, calling or telling him/her that you love them. It is more about how often you give the other person a right to rule over you or to render that attention to them.
All of us, equally enjoy the videos sprawling over the internet about a guy coming home to his love or a woman crying to see him, but it takes management and willingness to make that happen.


As it is said repeatedly, “Distance means so little when someone means so much”.
This actually defines that the time, effort and undeniable love you give the other person shall be returned.
All the abstinence you suffer needs to be repaid and no matter if you are indulged in a close knitted or a long distance relationship, love must remain intact and push both of you forward to achieve goals and spend the rest of your life together!


  • You can send your partner beautiful gifts from
  • Don’t play the power games to try and see who cares less/more, or who hurts less/more.
  • Master the art of active listening for fewer communication problems.
  • Learn more ways to win your partner’s heart



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