7 challenging Gender Stereotypes that still exist in our Modern Times.

How many times, seeing a lady taxi driver, have you wondered how out of place she was and doubted on her skills?

Oh yes, all of us have been gender stereotypes at some point in time. Most of the times, they have been our sisters, girlfriends, mothers or wives or brothers, boyfriends, fathers or husbands. Most beauty soaps have models in their advertisements, easily avoiding the fact that skins of men also essentially have the same make.

Unless the stereotypes are broken, there will always be an exclusivity among different gender groups.

Some of the common gender stereotypes include:

1. Girls are expected to sit cross-legged in public….whereas boys may sit whichever way they want to.

 gender stereotypes

No matter how open-minded a family is, this one protocol holds true, always. “Good” girls should sit in a way that is gracious and not revealing. The pathetic thought exempts boys easily, not considering the fact that their postures might create discomfort to other.

2. Men do not cry; they are supposed to be strong.


Emotions know no gender. Observe males watching films in talkies, and you would know how emotional they can be.
Not believing? Ask your male sibling who’s had a recent heartbreak. Even the thought would make him really, really sad.

3. It’s not expected from females to abuse.

 gender stereotypes

Remember Evelyn Salt from the blockbuster movie “Salt”? Many would consider her too hostile and insane to hurl abuses on the wrongdoers.
However, the emotion to abuse is pretty normal and natural, as anger levels for females and males are not algorithmically defined based on their gender.

4. Women are expected to be thin and graceful, while men are expected to be tall and muscular.

 gender stereotypes

Body shaming is a hobby many possess. A woman’s beauty is generally associated with her weight, and a man’s spark is defined by his tallness and muscular build.
This kind of gender stereotyping doesn’t accept individuals who move out of the conventional league.

5. Men are not choosy when it comes to picking up clothes for them.


Watch out for a male friend right before the date. All your misconceptions would vanish in thin air!

6. When a man stands firm about his choices for this life, he is viewed as independent. When a woman does the same, she is a feminist.

 gender stereotypes

This kind of gender stereotyping adversely affects the lives of those independent women who’ve moved beyond the clutches of thought that women are born to follow.

7. If you are a male, you should pay during dates.


New lovers of the town have been defying this by graciously sharing the bill. However, males with never-losing attitude and females with always pampered attitude still suffer from this NOT-MY-RESPONSIBILITY syndrome.

There you see, how gender stereotyping makes way to undesirable comparisons and notions. Gender equality creates a more conducive and inclusive environment for everybody, where they can prosper.

No ‘equality’ could ever come from gender stereotypes apart from the fact that they would limit immense opportunities for males and females.


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